I haven’t posted in awhile, but I thought I would share something I’m reading which I find quite beneficial concerning meditation.  This was written by Roy Eugene Davis, an actual follower of  Paramahansa  Yogananda.  He writes about the benefits or delightful side effects of meditation.

Doctored up picture of myself using the Gimp program to achieve something like an impressionism painting. Taken in Annapolis, MD.

• Mental transformations and thinking processes become more organized as the result of meditative calmness and the influence of refined states of consciousness.

• The body’s immune system is strengthened and physiological functions are encouraged to be more balanced and efficient.

• Biologic aging processes are slowed. Older, long-term meditators are mentally and physically younger than their calendar years might suggest.

• Stress symptoms are reduced. The nervous system is refreshed and enlivened, allowing awareness to be more easily processed through it.

• Regenerative energies are awakened. These, directed by innate intelligence, vitalize the body, empower the mind, and have restorative and healing influences.

• Intellectual skills are improved, causing delusions and illusions to be dispelled. Intuition awakens, allowing us to directly know whatever we desire to know and to experience a vivid sense of unerring inner guidance.

• Appreciation for living is enhanced.

• Creativity is stimulated.

• Innate spiritual qualities awaken, enabling us to be more insightful, and functionally skillful.

• Rapid, more satisfying, authentic spiritual growth is nurtured because body, mind, and awareness is beneficially influenced by refined superconscious states.

The full booklet can be downloaded as a pdf:  An Easy Guide to Meditation


3 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. I welcome those benefits but I still struggle with meditation. I have such a hard tome doing it that it almost seems more stressful to try. sigh.

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