Memorial Day Weekend Marathon

Drawer from cutting board

I haven’t posted for awhile.  It’s really only been I think a couple of weeks, but in computer time that is probably an eternity.  In essence I’ve lasted close to 5 months on the post a day challenge for 2011.  In fact I have really shied away from the computer and writing, etc., in general for the last several weeks.

The rain, rain, finally went away and the work, work, outside began.

On Friday I was cleaning cabinets and found a cutting board that I never use, simply because the cherry is just to beautiful to cut on.  A light bulb went on in the darkened corridors of my mind to use it for the bathroom drawer.  I’ve never been happy with the wood on the drawer.  The problem though was that the cutting board was too small and an odd shape.  So, some artistic license was needed.  How artsy the drawer actually turned out , people’s opinions may differ on, but I’m fairly happy with it.  I’m thinking of adding another piece maybe down the road.  You will see by the picture that the board had to be cut up.

Rock work

My husband and I had during the week made a list of things we needed to accomplish around the house by the end of June.  I had to

at the last minute throw the drawer into the mix.  What may seem to be the less time consuming task usually ends up with the most complications.  The complication was that the original drawer we were gluing the new “artistic design” to, cracked in the process. We kept going back to this project as we began the Memorial Day (long) weekend of other projects.  By Monday the drawer was finally finished.

There was lawn work.  There was partial dismantling of part of a barn that was deteriorating in order to use good beams of wood for a building project.  We are in the midst of rocking two buildings which we will join and make into a workshop/greenhouse.  As much as possible we are using recycled and found materials.  The rock we gather from our woods.  So far the only thing we have purchased is concrete mix.  The

West Side of Deck

window was also taken from part of the dismantled barn.  I am looking forward to using a door which someone gave discarded from their own house remodeling.  Roof materials will definitely have to be purchased.

There was much cleaning out of the smaller building.  Amazing how much stuff  can be shoved into one building.  A good deal was weaving supplies which has already found a home.  So more recycling there.

There was some gardening done. There was pressure washing of the house and deck.  There was sandblasting of two old metal gliders that my Dad had given us.  There was window painting and deck furniture painting.  There is still some touch up pressure washing to do, as well as some touch up painting.  By Monday night we were about to drop.

The best part was putting up the hammock which had been stored in the small building.


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