A Little Yellow Stuff Goes A Long Way

This morning as I was fixing breakfast I was totally amazed to look out the window and see light. – Not just any light, but bright light, the light that comes from the sun.  For the longest time it has been bleak with almost constant rain.  I was beginning to feel we were on Ferenginar.   Ferenginar for those of you who are not Star Trek buffs is a planet where it rains nonstop.

I opened the door and told my husband to come over and look.  He said, “What’s that yellow stuff?”

Yesterday morning I got my first sign of yellow as I was talking on the phone and looking out the French doors.  A yellow bird landed in the yard.  To be exact it was a Goldfinch.  I told my friend on the phone and she said yellow meant loyalty and that she was my loyal friend.  That is certainly good to know.

Especially after reading the “Celestine Prophecy” series I tend to pay close attention to the animals that I see and make it a point to look up the meanings.

From the website: http://www.whats-your-sign.com/bird-meaning-finch.html

“Bird Meaning of the Finch







High Energy

Honoring Resources

Healthful Diet

Enjoying the Journey

When finches come into our awareness it is a sure sign of ebullient times ahead. Finches are a sparkly omen of high energy and bright days on the horizon.

Consider their flight pattern. In the same way you can pick up on a person’s character by his/her gait, we can do the same with a bird’s flight. And, in the realm of symbolic interpretation, flight can give us a lot to work with in bird meaning.

Finches are never satisfied to just go from point A to point B. They seem to boogie from place to place. Bouncing and bobbing through air currents is big fun for these birds. Observing them just gives you a feeling of freedom and happiness.

Indeed, Native People of North America held the finch as a bird of happiness. They observed their variety and colors and considered this bird to be favored because they were painted in shades of bright joy. Furthermore, joyful dispositions and their obviously freedom-loving behaviors are admirable qualities much revered by our wise ancestors.

If that weren’t enough, Native wisdom holds the finch as an oracle of celebration and upcoming festivities. These are song birds, and their music heralds the bounty of spring.

Indeed, the song of the finch is holds a great deal of symbolism. When the finch sings to our awareness it is a beckoning to unleash our own song. If we’ve been concealing our brilliance from the world – the finch is a sign to start making our value more audible and available to others.

The finch will sing lightly to your heart, and guide you on a bouncy path of creativity.

Its bird meaning deals with sociability too, and if the finch comes into your life it may be a signal to get more involved with social activities.

To summarize our bird meaning of the finch, and offer a few quick-points:

Full of zeal and zest. The message here is “Enjoy the journey!

Derived from food source (finches don’t produce their own pigment. The quality of their food determines their brightness. Better food, better color). Message: “You are what you eat!” Feed your body good stuff, and let it flourish brightly. Check out my color meanings pages to help identify deeper symbolic meaning of your finch sightings.

Finches feed their young plant matter (not meaty worms and such like most birds). Another message “Nourish your body!” with good greens from the earth.

Did you know finches have, on the average, 12 tail feathers? Twelve is symbolic of structure, particularly in matters of time (our 24 day is halved by 12, twelve signs of the western zodiac, twelve months in most calendars). Tail feathers are the rudders, so the finch may be telling us to “Navigate time wisely!

Finches are happy to nest anywhere. They are extremely opportunistic (even using discarded nests from other birds) and seemingly easy to please. The message “Appreciate what you have, and make the most of it!“”

The finch I saw was a very bright yellow.  Taken from the color pages – http://www.whats-your-sign.com/color-meaning.html – you can click on:  “Worshipped in the form of the sun – Yellow is all about radiating creativity, protection, intellect, positivity and clarity.”

I’m thankful for the return of yellow.

5 thoughts on “A Little Yellow Stuff Goes A Long Way

  1. WOW! Thanks , no wonder you exhibit the aura of tranquility and peace. Observing nature makes you appreciate your inner self which is nothing but quiet and peace which is close to superconciuosness , Thank you once again it was nice of you to share so much information.

  2. Seems yellow is a scarce color these days. A post I once wrote a while back keeps coming back in the last few days and it is oddly related. Not that this is a plug but it somehow seems in tune with what you are saying here. The post is called A new dawn…) if you want to take a peak. Thanks again for the perspective and the info 😀

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