Miracle? Maybe

New York from Central Park - Blogging about Trip to Come

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, since the end of the A to Z Blogging Challenge to be exact.  Right after that there was a trip to New York, and although I took my computer, I didn’t even take it out of the case.  There was just too much to do.

Meanwhile at home we had no phone service, and despite two previous calls after a week away returned home to still no phone service and very iffy internet service that disappeared altogether. Then there was that third call, and still no show on the designated day on sending someone out to fix the problem.  Two days later I had basically resigned myself to not having internet service, and after initial pangs of separation I just released it to what will be will be, and felt a rather blissful feeling at the thought of getting away from the world of technology in part….well, I still had an iPhone.

Not long after the sense of surrender on my part and the prayer had been placed into the ether someone from the phone company showed up.  I told him I thought we had been placed on Windstream’s “Do not fix” list, and how I was actually feeling rather good about it.  We had given up television some time ago, (We don’t miss it in the least.) and now with the exception of a cell phone, maybe we could get totally back to nature.  He somehow didn’t understand my feeling of pleasure in that prospect.

Still he was extremely nice finding a disconnect in our line somewhere outside, which we thought was the problem all along. No one else had ever been able to find it.  I asked his name, and it was Gabe.  I know you shouldn’t assume, but my assumption was that it was short for Gabriel, although I didn’t ask.  Maybe if I had called Windstream again they would have said, no we didn’t send anyone out. At any rate, I’m going with it was meant to be that we should have internet since the prayer was heard much better and got swift service as opposed to the calls that were previously made to the company itself.

So, today I’ll be thankful for re-entering the computerized world, even though it took me a full week to pick it up once again and write something on my blog.  I do have plenty to blog about – the ton of pictures my husband took while in New York, and the new recipe I tried tonight which I had begun to write about but this seemed to type itself instead.  Do you ever plan on writing one thing, and something else totally comes out?

2 thoughts on “Miracle? Maybe

  1. Looking forward to seeing your New York pictures! My husband took me there when we were dating, as one of his college buddies was getting married there. It was fun, but I’m not a city gal. 🙂

    I can, at least, mark that off my list (If I were keeping a list.)

    Lake Forest, CA

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