Sometimes I feel like my life is one big x-file – that even our planet, maybe our universe is one gigantic x-file, of course with witty long scripted dialogue thrown in my Mulder.

Last night I was thinking how strange everything is, even my husband, not that he is strange in the sense you may be thinking.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m thankful we are together.

There are times when people in general to me seem strange, even those who are closest.  I think that is the seer or observer coming out in me, the one that sort of pops out making a suction cup sound and hovers above looking down seeing the absurdness of everything in general.  Or, in x-file fashion it just floats like a mist.  That really sounds more like a Star Trek episode.

The program X-Files was about the strange.  The older I get the more I see strange as the norm.

Do you ever look at your spouse and say who is this person?  Do you ever say who am I, and how did it get here?  And, the news, and the world of politics – won’t even go there – the strangest of the strange.

Talking Heads

Once in a Lifetime (1984)

Once In A Lifetime

And You May Find Yourself Living In A Shotgun Shack

And You May Find Yourself In Another Part Of The World

And You May Find Yourself Behind The Wheel Of A Large Automobile

And You May Find Yourself In A Beautiful House, With A Beautiful


And You May Ask Yourself-Well…How Did I Get Here?

3 thoughts on “X-Files

  1. I definitely understand how the journey can become confusing as we go along the way. But then I retrace my steps and things are mostly back to normal, which of course is nothing short of strange. Thanks for sharing, and it’s a pleasure to meet you post A-Z!

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