I was recently honored with the Inspiring Blog Award from A Story Book World:

I started this blog as mainly a lesson in thankfulness – a lesson for myself.  I do, also, if possible, try to inspire others as well as myself.  Writing and sharing can be inspirational in itself.  Although this blog is about my own journey, it is also a connection to like-minded people.

Inspiration for me comes from what I term the “real world.”  By real world I mean the most pristine example I can think of – nature.  I’m one of those people who energize in sunlight and in the peacefulness and the solitude of wooded areas, and flowing water.  I’m also inspired by the true nature of humans, maybe what some would term as the soul.

Too often, the artificial world slips in and inspiration slips out.  The artificial world to me is sadly mostly the world we live in with so much technology, the world of egos, and the world of money.  It’s the things that without balance can reap havoc on the human spirit.  This existence on earth is an existence of duality in all things.  Balance is key.

This past weekend we visited the Abbey of Gethsemani near Bardstown, Kentucky.  It was a place of beauty and serenity. It was definitely a place full of inspiration.

I’m thankful for the inspiration found there, and I am also thankful my husband and I live in a place surrounded by nature.  Thanks, Deirdra from A Story Book World for finding my blog to be inspiring.


7 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I was so rewarded a few days back, but I unfortunately did not give proper acknowledgment. But it seems she has a knack for finding truly inspiring people (though I am not sure I am appropriately numbered among them). Well deserved award!

  2. Congratulations on a well deserved award! You inspire me daily, and I feel lucky that we found each other in this blogging world.

  3. Congratulations! You definitely inspire me to be thankful and to show gratitude, and perhaps one day I’ll be able to pass on that inspiration.

  4. “Too often, the artificial world slips in and inspiration slips out .”

    So sad but true … your blog is certainly a treasure to bring this to light for a change in the right direction! Congratulations on your latest accolade “Inspiring Blog” – you certainly deserve it

  5. Congratulations! It truly is a compliment to be called inspiring.

    “Too often, the artificial world slips in and inspiration slips out. ” – Too true. You’re right that balance is key, but in this day and age, it’s hard to have a balanced life.

    Like you, I also find peace in watching and listening to flowing water. Have a good weekend! 🙂

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