The Food Facts of Life

We sat at a wise sage’s feet and he told us the facts of life, about the birds and bees, etc.  And it wasn’t at all how I imagined it to be.  I was surprised to learn that babies did not come from storks, but from the food we eat. Possibly I just dreamt this.

When a soul wants to come to earth he/she, really before gender takes hold, gently descends to earth and enters into food.  The man partakes of the food.  The soul through the food now makes its way to the sperm.  You now get the picture.

In hunter/gatherer days the caveman knelt down and devoured nature’s fresh herbs.  In modern times the soul dives down into crackers and brie or rich caviar at dinner parties, or pretzels and beer at tailgate parties.  There are as many possibilities as there is food and souls on the earth.

This definitely puts a new twist on it for me as far as personality types.  I imagine myself to have originally sprung from a potato, while there could have been traces of ice cream in the digestive track as well.

The moral of the story might well be to carefully watch what your man eats.  The school your future child gets into could depend on his good eating habits.

Believe it or not, maybe as in Ripley’s Believe It or Not, I’m thankful for this bit of wisdom.

What kind of food personality are you?  And, how has this affected you?

I see myself as Mrs. Potato Head.


7 thoughts on “The Food Facts of Life

  1. This DOES explain so much! Guess I must be junk food combined with a little traditional Jewish holiday foods..

  2. Thanks for liking “The Wedding Present.” Please stop by and visit often. As far as a food I am derived from comfort foods, perhaps mac & cheese or brisket, roasted veggies & potatoes. I hope the warmth comes out in my paintings. 🙂 Marian

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