There were so many different “D” projects that came to mind today.  They will come in later posts.  Perhaps because I’m a bit lethargic today (I did heavy rock designing most of the day yesterday, and am oh so tired.) and the fact that the day is slipping by, I have settled upon something I know best – Design.  The idea just struck me after reading someone else’s blog.  It was their “C” word – Crochet.

I’ve always been a student of design in some form or the other.  I started young drawing designs in second grade.  It would dawn on me many decades later that I was doodling future weaving patterns.  I went through a period in middle and high school of designing clothes – strictly on paper.  And to this day I’m always laying out some design for some project, whether it is outdoor gardening or hiking trails in the woods.  On some days just moving around furniture has to suffice.  Frequent visitors to my blog might also note that I have to give it some new fresh look – it’s that designing aspect of my character.  Some fresh new look is always exciting to me.

In the early eighties I taught myself to weave and began creating my own designs.  I’m thankful I had that time in life.  Here is some of my work.

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