Doom’s Day Plans

Or Lemonade Until May 21st

So many things to do already….  And now with judgment day or rapture looming on May 21st, I have even less time to catch up.  It seems like we should get more advance warning on this stuff.  Well, okay, maybe we did – about 2000 years.  I just found out though the exact date through listening to Coast-to-Coast AM, even though they seem to be metaphorically speaking washing their hands of the matter.

So, what do you do in your final days?  Either I don’t really have any pending issues I want to attend to, or I’m not a true believer.  The radio show, which made this prediction, subsists solely on donations.  George Noory of Coast-to-Coast, made the comment that he was asked to contribute on a monthly basis.  Would that not negate the prediction on several levels?  Wouldn’t you want a donation up front if judgment day were at hand?  And then on the other hand would money really matter?  With less than two months, I think I would just use my charge card for all it was worth, not for anything materialistic but for some final experiences.

The first time I faced the end of time and judgment story, I was eight.  A good meaning relative wanted to save my soul.  I spent many nights waking up in fear of fiery lake and brimstone nightmares rushing to my parent’s bed.  I switched churches, which made me not quite saved in the right manner.  Even through my teenage years I spent some nights waiting for Jesus’ return through the clouds to pronounce some horrible punishment.  When I did finally see Jesus he came in a totally different manner, always laughing and holding out a glass of lemonade for me.

The last time I faced a possible end scenario I was told I had cancer and that it was probably in my blood stream since I had waited such a long time to take care of it.  I went to a physician thinking I had an unsightly wart or something of that nature.  After crying the whole way home, an hour’s drive from the doctor’s office, I decided a trip to Europe might be in order.  I was already thinking about it, and this moved the decision making process to full speed.  That was almost eleven years ago.  While there I got a new lease on life and made the miraculous decision to just live.  And, so I did.  At least I will until May 21st.

My husband and I did just book a trip to NY, partly business for him, and partly to celebrate nine years of marriage.  I’m thankful both his business trip and our anniversary fall before May 21st.


One thought on “Doom’s Day Plans

  1. I love the image of Christ serving you lemonade. The world will end when it ends, and who knows what happens after that. Enjoy New York, I’m so jealous.

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