My Take on Gyro’s

My husband loves gyro’s.  The other night was my first attempt at a vegetarian gyro.  I used tempeh as a lamb substitute, but think it would have been as good without.

For Two:

Cut one half package of tempeh in bite size pieces.

Saute’ in a tablespoon of oil, chili powder, cumin, and turmeric to your taste (about a tsp each)

Two pitas

Cut lettuce (I used romaine because it was what I had on hand), cucumber, and tomatoes in small pieces.

I had already prepared Tzatziki sauce which we purchased from Trader Joe’s.  I hope to make my own the next time.

Half ingredient mixture onto pitas and top with feta cheese.

I’m thankful for finding the tzatziki sauce already prepared for this quick practice version, but do hope to learn to make my own.

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