Serious Trouble Will Bypass You – Part 2

Serious Trouble Will Bypass You – Part 2

The Hotel's Emblem

First of all, I’m thankful that the plane trip was uneventful.  With the fortunes in the cookies hours earlier I began to doubt whether or not we might have really been supposed to miss the flight.  But, all went well.  A kind lady changed seats with me so Chris and I could sit together.

We arrived in LA and picked up a rental car or van, rather, with relative ease.  The following day we were scheduled to return to the airport to pick up others flying in from Texas and West Virginia.  But tonight and the next morning was our time together.

You never know exactly what kind of hotel you are going to get from pictures on the web.  They always seem to look larger and better than what you actually open the door to, but not in this case.  We were very pleasantly surprised.  We stayed at the Inn at Venice Beach, which was actually at Marina Del Rey.  The location was great.  We were right in the midst of some great eating places, canals, shopping, and most importantly, the ocean.  There will be more on that later.  For now, I’m beginning and concentrating on the hotel.  Hopefully, this will give future visitors some insight in their own choosing of a hotel.  This was the third hotel we have stayed at in the area, and thus far this was the best, and will be the one we stay at again.

Our room was quite huge.  We took yoga mats.  Four people could have done yoga in there easily.  I’m including pictures.  The picture is of a slightly smaller room, which the maid kindly let us in to.  We had already pretty much trashed ours.  Well, not really – not the rock star variety of trashing – just an unmade bed and spreading out all of our stuff kind of trashing.

A live plant in the bathroom was rather a unique touch I thought.  The bathrobes were also a plus as were good shampoos, soaps, etc. – the biodegradable kind.  I love those California extras. The only thing I could even say unkind about the room was that there were no luggage holders.  The staff was extremely friendly.  As for the TV, when out traveling, we rarely turn it on, and with the beach outside and many interesting places to walk to, I couldn’t even tell you if it worked or what it looked like, as it was hidden away in an armoire.

There is a great breakfast area with all sorts of items to choose from.  This was included in the price.  This is in the center of the hotel with open sky.  It has that European feel.  There were plenty of vegetarian choices for us, and although it looked good I had a yearning to walk the 7/10-mile trek up to Collage Café for the great bagels and chai I experienced last year.  But, we did grab some fruit to go for later.

I will leave you with the website:

And our own slide show of the hotel.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next time I hope we are able to have at least two nights there in order to enjoy the room more and explore the area further.


2 thoughts on “Serious Trouble Will Bypass You – Part 2

  1. The universe is always speaking to us. The path of the message can come in the oddest ways. The secret is to recognize the message when it appears. Been my experience that the more important the message, the more the univers tries to get t across.

  2. Now that is just peachy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to work at such a hotel, enjoying the visitors and how much they enjoy themselves at such a retreat? That’s how I imagine it, at least. Thanks for the blog; this was wonderful to read.

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