Serious Trouble Will Bypass You – Part 1

Serious Trouble Will Bypass You – Part 1

We didn’t know just how true that was as my husband and I read our identical fortunes from our cookies after lunch before catching a plane.  We had allowed plenty of time and then some for our two and one-half hour drive to the airport.  We had stopped at our new favorite restaurant, Asian Wind, in Lexington to enjoy a leisurely lunch before running several more errands to catch the plane.  At this point everything was working out to a little more than an hour before departure.

One item on the agenda was to get myself a pedicure (I was planning being barefoot a good portion of the time.) and a haircut for my husband before departing Lexington.  A series of synchronicities were already falling in place.  We had fully intended on driving back to the mall some distance away to get these things done, but a little birdie, or guardian angel said, “No!”

I asked before leaving the restaurant about beauty shops for haircuts and pedicures.  She didn’t really know of any.  But, lo and behold, as soon as we stepped outside a pedicure place was right next to the restaurant.  I think it’s true that we only notice what we are drawn to.  For instance, I can spot a Starbucks a mile away, but MacDonald’s is totally off my radar screen.  A barber or beauty shop was also within walking distance.  Thus far, everything was working like clockwork.  We were both taken right in.  The pedicure was even cheaper than back home.

Still we needed just a few things for the plane – those small airplane items.  A very small Wal-Mart was also within walking distance.  I like the concept of very small in the case of Wal-Mart.  It’s one of those places I avoid for the most part.

By this time I felt the urge to get on the road.  The airport was still an hour away.  I had originally intended to stop at Whole Foods for a few snacks.  In my book, airplane food is an oxymoron.  But, that little birdie kept tweeting even louder, so we decided to skip Whole Foods.  Good thing.

As we were on the road twenty-six miles from the airport, traffic came to a standstill.  Two out of three lanes were closed.  The clock in the car kept ticking on.  Well, they don’t actually tick anymore do they?  I turned my thoughts toward people who must have been involved in a horrible accident.  The GPS time of arrival kept getting iffier and iffier.  I kept asking my husband, who is always calm and cool in these situations, are we going to make it?  As over thirty minutes passed his answers became less clam, and I detected a bit of sweat hovering over his brow.

I tried to enter that meditative state and take life as it comes.  What is meant to be is meant to be.  I noticed the license plate of the car in front of us.  It had 444 on it.  I’ve always equated this number with your guardian angel is looking after you.  I see it rarely, but usually at the most significant times.

Traffic finally started to move.  There was no horrible accident to my relief.  Construction workers were filling potholes.  Everyone complains about potholes, but still is there ever a good time to actually fill them?  I must say, we did break speed limits, but in the safest possible way.  There was still long-term parking to contend with.  Luckily there were no bags to be checked.  When we did reach the automated ticket station the message was basically see an agent.  She called ahead but made no guarantees that we would make it.  In fact, she highly doubted it.  We ran to security, some distance away.  I went through quite easily.  I looked back to see Chris with his arms up, making the circle in front of the guard holding the wand.  Finally, here he came.  We ran another considerable distance to our gate.  I was so out of breath.  There is a difference between running to burn calories and panic running.  My throat was getting sore at this point.  Chris kept looking back.  I shouted go on without me.  We were the last ones on the plane.  The guardian angel was probably just laughing at our panic. There just happened to be two spots left in the over bin for our carry-ons, as if to taunt us in a good way, “Oh, ye of little faith.”

I am thankful that we made our plane.  Little did I know though that there was more serious trouble ahead to be bypassed?  More to come…

2 thoughts on “Serious Trouble Will Bypass You – Part 1

  1. I got a fortune the night before I got married that said, “You are doomed to be happy in wedlock.” I kept it. I am very happy in wedlock!! Great post~

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