Wednesday Warm Up

Wednesday Warm Up I always consider Monday fresh start day, but in this case it is Wednesday. I refer to it as a warm up day due to residues of jet lag. I’m slowly approaching all those new things I’m doing – in most cases they are just what I took a vacation from. At the same time I hope to approach them with a new vigor and awareness.

We just returned from Lake Zaca Retreat near Santa Barbara, California.  One of its claims to fame is being the site where “Creature of the Black Lagoon” was filmed.  It was a rustic experience, but then I am used to rustic. There will be more on that later. We also got to spend some time in Venice Beach, Santa Monica, and Marina del Rey, also more on that in later blogging posts.

While away I basically disconnected myself from cell phones and Internet. In some cases it was my decision. But for several days it was due to the fact that in the mountains there was no cell service, and for part of the time no Internet service. We were stranded in nature, a good thing and a bad thing.  Needless to say, the post a day 2011, fell by the wayside.

Today, I’m back in nature, my own natural surroundings. The weather is beautiful. I walked out into our own woods with our black labs, Barney and Benka. Barney is enjoying the creek in the picture.

There was a brief hiatus from regular yoga practice, which I had kept up seven and a half months. I missed a few days due to travel. That will also start again tonight. And now on to one of those new projects – learning to make vegetarian gyros for dinner.

Right now I’m thankful to be home safe and sound.  That was iffy at times.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Warm Up

  1. Welcome home! I missed your posts, but I’m glad your back. I hope the trip was all you wanted it to be.

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