Writing – A Reflection of the Soul

Sixth and Final Reflection for the winter – Shedding Light

I belong to a group called Shedding Light, consisting of a small group of women.  We are given writing assignments or exercises, which in essence make us reflect on our inner and own true natures.  The group is seasonal with different women popping in and out, most staying, or returning back eventually because the work is so important.  The concept originated with and is led by a magnificent lady, Mariana T., living in Santa Barbara, California and New Orleans, LA.  I have strong connections to both cities, as we spent our honeymoon in New Orleans and our spiritual teacher lives in Santa Barbara.

Our final reflection for the winter season is to tell which reflection inspired us the most and the reason why, and whether we wanted to continue in the group for the spring season.  All of the reflections are found on my blog.  The reflections involved a rock, a twig, a random act of kindness, an earth element, and a bowl.

It’s hard for me to say which inspired me the most.  With the possible exception of the random act of kindness, most reflections spoke about elements of nature, and nature is so much a part of my life.  To even take away one element would leave a gapping hole, something missing and incomplete, just as you can’t take away your shadow self.  And, without random acts of kindness our presence on earth would be so shallow. There is strength in all and weakness in all.  It’s all part of the duality of our existence.

The mere mention of rocks as the first assignment sparked excitement in me.  Over the last several years we have utilized rocks on this farm for as much as possible.  At the same time they would be dull and lifeless without their counterparts – the earth, plants and water.

The twig was the hardest for me.  Possibly wood signifies something I need to work on in life.  What is usually the most challenging turns out to be the most rewarding in the end.  The twig speaks to me of flexibility and balance in all things.  The wisest advice I have ever received was handed to me with a glass of lemonade, possibly symbolizing the sweetness and gift of life if we can see it, “Jerri, you analyze everything too much.  Take life as it comes.”  Even though one might consider these reflections to be an analysis of life, I see them as opening up to life’s possibilities and sweetness.

I enjoy Shedding Light because it’s an exercise of the mind and the soul, and am finding that there might be a gapping hole in my life without this process of inner reflection.  I appreciate the time and Mariana’s own inner work that she shares with all of us to make this possible.  So bring on spring reflections.

I’m thankful to have found this group of inspiring women.

7 thoughts on “Writing – A Reflection of the Soul

  1. Your group sounds wonderful Jerri. I would love to start a similar group. Your posts are always so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your beautiful insights. Best wishes, Juls 🙂

    1. Juls, you could easily join if you want. Go the gather.com and sign up. It’s all about writing. You earn points for writing and commenting. I’ve earned a few hundred dollars in gift cards. I usually take Home Depot or Amazon, sometimes Starbucks. I don’t do it for that, but it’s a cool fringe benefit. The group is called Shedding Light. You will see me there.

  2. Thank you Sistah Jerri. Beautiful and gracious writing. I plan to extend Shedding Light into another form – my own thoughts(blog) and have thought that it would be so great someday if we could find a way to get all the sistahs in one place for a weekend. I’ve thought of this for a while and I’m sure if it’s meant to be, it will continue to evolve into a reality. In the meantime, I am the one learning so much. We really have a great group going forward. Salud

    1. That is so weird, well, not really, as I was thinking of the same thing this morning as I was writing my post. I was going to offer you our place for a small retreat, although, our house is very small, and ladies would probably need tents. But, we have all this nature around us. We went for a walk today and took movies which I will post soon. Swami even came here, and about twenty or more of us hiked. Chris and I are going to make a new spot out there for picnics.

      1. Your place sounds wonderful and tents would definitely work for me – I’d drive up with Sharon who is a yoga instructor and if she’s not in India (this year she’s going to Guatemala) maybe she’d come – I’ll be down South from around July – first of November. Also, Santa Barbara might work but we’d be a bit crowded in my tiny abode – we’ll figure something out! Salud

  3. Yes, indeed, the work is important over at Shedding Light. All the Sistahs are so inspiring, and Marianna is a wonderful leader.

    Love your spot here Jerri. I know I signed up here a while back but have yet to do anything over here. Maybe I will find the time now that I know you are here.

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