Dreams Can Have the Answer (Becoming Unstuck)

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Last night I had a dream – one of those school dreams that occurs quite frequently I’m told with people. I’ve had them numerous times, but this one was different, in that I awoke from the dream differently. As in dreams past, in last night’s dream I was in some type of college situation, but I didn’t have a clue where I was supposed to be and even what classes I was supposed to be taking. I was so lost.  And always before when I woke up I felt that way, but not this time.

The Dream – In college I was with a group of people – it seemed mostly guys – all just friends. This dream was much more positive than those past school dreams, not to mention I was with a different group of people. We had just left a large class. I can’t remember that part too much. I feel it was some sort of science or math class. We were at a student center of sorts getting ready to walk to class together. I was asked to carry things for people. I had my hands full until finally I lightened my load by passing one guy’s jacket off to someone else.

We kept walking to class. Suddenly we were inside a building. I think some in our group were planning a protest, but I really wasn’t interested. I started to go into one classroom, but saw it wasn’t the right one. It was also a math class. I passed another room and saw my husband (in real life) who was fixing or working on something at or near the blackboard or in front of the room. I thought to myself, he’s cute. That was my only interest in the opposite sex in the dream, as I felt I was there entirely to learn.

We entered the next classroom, which I think was also to be a math class. Now, in actual life math and science eludes me. I always took art classes in school. I sat in one seat but the desk was entirely too high for me. I kept trying to find a seat that suited me. One of the friends in our group, who was also a nerd, spoke my name, which I don’t remember, and said that I could have rode in with him, implying that if I had come with him I would have been there in plenty of time to find a desk that suited me. I said, “You drove in last night,” as kind of a funny remark.

This morning I told my husband the dream. He thought he might have been the janitor and asked if he were wearing coveralls, and quipped, “You went to college and ended up running away with the janitor?” In the dream though, I think he was another college student (he was wearing jeans and a ball cap) that I was destined to meet there.

The dream could have been prompted by our discussion before going to sleep. We were talking about our thoughts and how they determined everything. I was talking about how about everything I think seems to manifest from the smallest to the biggest, which in a lot of ways is good. For some time I’ve been dealing with some pretty intense physical pain. I am obviously manifesting that as well. Last night I started meeting it with a determination – a determination that it is only maya or illusion that can be overcome. One of my key phrases, which actually hit me like a lead brick this morning, is that, “I’m stuck.” That happens a lot with this pain. I can get stuck in one position. It is literally too painful to move.

The conversation with my husband, which was on a deeper level, than I’m going into here helped me immensely. I felt a determination before going to sleep to work on thought control. I felt almost normal and didn’t get stuck in any positions during the night, and even today so far so good. I’m not sure what I’m stuck about quite yet, but have a good idea.

This was written well over a year ago, and still so far, so good – not any of the pain I had before.  I’m thankful for that.  I truly believe we have both the answers and power within for anything we might face.  Now, to go within and work on the rest of life’s stickiness.


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