Recipe For Success of the Spiritual Kind

Take in hand, Bowl of Clay, formed from the earth

Consciously  pour




Into and don’t let disperse

Dilute with pure pristine water

Swirl around with wood from forest tree

By hand of wind formed from air

Drip slowly into fire

To be engulfed by its ashes

Absorbed into the ether

Be still

In the emptiness of the bowl

Clarity see

And melt into the healing vibration of om

In a writing group I’m in we were given a writing assignment of pouring ourselves into a bowl that is our world.  Thoughts about this assignment, as with all ideas, come in pieces to me.  This particular one came about through a succession of synchronicity.

This morning while doing yoga I was listening to Explore Your Spirit With Kala, and thinking at the same time about the bowl assignment.  The guest, Eldon Taylor, began to discuss ego.  I thought about throwing ego into my bowl, and began thinking about something I had heard Wayne Dyer say, that ego means to edge God out.  I thought I must use that.  A minute later the guest used the same phrase, to which I couldn’t help by shouting out, “Whoa,” thinking, an added synchronicity.

Doing upward facing dog, I looked up to see a bowl we had bought at a mall months earlier (pictured).  This is my singing bowl, made from various alloys, the other element, metal, also coming from the earth. I wasn’t really interested in shopping that day, but I remember telling my husband how thankful we stumbled upon the Tibetan singing bowl that day.  Brightly woven cloth from llamas drew me into the kiosk, but discovering the lone bowl was the prize.

As I began the writing process, I was spurred along by the wind outside, another element – air.  And, that’s how it came to pass.


20 thoughts on “Recipe For Success of the Spiritual Kind

  1. You poured yourself into the bowl tha tis your world, but you also became the bowl that received the creative energy from the world. Congratulations.

  2. Very well done, these are things we have had to wrestle with from time to time and the bowl is a wonderful image to portray this in. Thanks for sharing this great piece with us!

  3. Very well expressed!
    Loved the whole writing experience you have described here.. spiritual indeed!
    That bowl would always be special to you now on.. 🙂

    Love xoxox

  4. So glad to hear that you enjoyed the show on Explore Your Spirit. It was a pleasure to have Eldon as a guest and I found his story to be fascinating! He’d love to know how his interview inspired you, you should drop him a line on his blog. Much love and all the best, *~Kala~*

  5. wonderful & full of wisdom
    felt like closing my eyes & humming

    O hummingbird
    one w/ the hummingbird 🙂

    may u always walk in the light

    peace & love my sister


  6. Greetings:

    Hope all is well.

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  7. You describe the writing process very well – indeed what writer can resist writing when he or she receives ‘coincidences’ like that! I enjoyed reading your poem very much.

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