A Moment of Clarity

My pre-teenage daughter and I were walking back from the beach mid-afternoon through the over commercialized touristy section of Virginia Beach.  She wanted to go into one of the many t-shirt, beach towel shops along the way.  So we went in.

There was a lady pushing a wheel chair.  The body of the lady in the chair was twisted and mangled, and it was doubtful if her voice capacity was any more than a few singular syllable primal grunts.  It was obvious that she was totally dependent on the caregiver that pushed her around.

It was one of those moments when you silently cried out to God or the universe with a repetition of whys.  My plea must have been heard.  Time seemed to come to a stop as the room seemed to separate into everyone else and myself and the lady in the wheelchair.  Other than our two souls the remainder of the room overcrowded with shoppers and so much noise became a low whining buzz, as if barely audible around us.  At that moment our eyes met, but more than our eyes, our souls met.  There was a communication deeper than any words could ever convey.  The woman in the chair in that horrible shell of a body spoke volumes in her message to me.  She was an advanced soul volunteering her own self in this manner to teach compassion to her caregiver and all that encountered her.  This revelation came with such a knowing.  It was not a situation I broke down by any means of thought.  So, there was a reason to atrocities such as this, at least in this case.  The lady’s soul smiled on my own soul.  All was a smile and compassion in that soulful world.

Suddenly, time began again, and the room returned to the state of reality we are accustomed to, or at least the dream we have conditioned ourselves to be in.  There was again a high volume of noise and people pushing past each other, and the caregiver pushed the lady on.

That was nearly twenty years ago, but had such an impact.  I’m thankful for moments of clarity, however, fleeting.

I was out most of the day yesterday.  It was nearly midnight and as I was doing yoga, one of those moments of clarity flashed before my eyes, or third eye.  I awoke at 4 AM and felt the same clarity in a different manner.  I lay in bed for a solid hour in the comfort of that clarity before rising.


8 thoughts on “A Moment of Clarity

  1. Thank you for sharing that story. I struggle to recognize those moments of clarity, and truly appreciate those people like yourself who can see them and share the blessing of them.

  2. What a heart warming story. Moments of such clarity are rare and it can be difficult to describe a ‘knowing’ experience. You have managed to do this beautifully. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us all. Juls 🙂

  3. This is the first time that I have visited your blog. I found this story first. It truly caught my attention and drew me in readily. It was heart-opening and healing to read such words of compassion. Those numinous moments when the world stands still for a moment so that two souls can truly meet and understand one another are few and far between. Thank you for sharing this one. It was a blessing.

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