Necessity for the Mature Woman Or on a Wild Hair

I was careful to use the term mature and not older.  Maybe I should go with menopausal.

When a woman reaches a certain age a good pair of tweezers is mandatory.  I do want to stress a “good” pair.  I have seen cheaply made ones.  Those are definitely not worth the price.  Mine are definitely high quality… handed down by my mom.  So, whenever they leave my make up bag (sometimes my husband borrows them) I keep a watchful eye on them.

My first memory of using tweezers was in plucking my grandmother’s chin hairs for her.  Now, as the saying goes, it’s come full circle.  The difference is I’m plucking out my own two chin hairs that tend to sprout once a week.  Then there is the occasional wild hair moving around to different locations.  Last week, maybe I should have considered entering one for a Guinness world record, or at least looked into Ripley’s Believe It or Not.  However, after the shriek when I discovered it, my tweezer finger was automatic and quick.

I’m thankful I lucked into my mom’s tweezers.


10 thoughts on “Necessity for the Mature Woman Or on a Wild Hair

  1. One of the most painful days of recent months was the day I was snuggling with my daughter and she looked up and said “Mommy, it looks like you have a mustache.” Aaaah! The first opportunity I found, I locked myself into the bathroom with a good set of tweezers and went to town. Not that these were the first stray hairs I’ve ever had on my face, but they were the first clump that blazed a warning like a flashing yellow traffic of what is to come. I haven’t hit menopause yet, but it is certainly lurking around the corner. But, women like you, and several I have met recently make me realize something: menopause is just another part of life to celebrate, because it means we have truly lived.

  2. I agree that in many ways, this is a great time of life…apart from the grey hairs…and the need for a good pair of tweezers. I always just to think that people were joking when they forcast the ‘hairy chin’ syndrome. That was until I reached my mid 40’s and discovered exactly what they meant, along with the hot flushes. Now, there’s a subject for another post…

    Hope you’re well.
    Juls 🙂

  3. Ugh, your conversation just made me realize something. 1) I might have had my first hot flash a couple of weeks ago brought on by complete anger at a certain situation. I was talking to someone about it and my neck starting burning. 2) this past week I have woken up every night with my teeth chattering. Again, stress related I think but . . . I have a birthday coming up that brings me one step closer. Anyway, both of you lovely ladies have inspired me to look at growing older as a graceful and exciting journey.

  4. Handed down tweezers ..I’m jealous. It’s always a surprise to be stroking my chin and then wondering when the intuder got there! Glad to be in your company..

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