Bring On Spring

Chris breaking ground

Last weekend Chris used the tractor to break ground for the garden.  Temperatures are supposed to get in the 50’s and 60’s this weekend.  We will be out working in the soil soon, once again.  I bought some organic seeds this past week.  At any sign of warmer weather we spend lots of time outdoors and take as many meals as possible out on the deck.  I’m not sure it this might be one of these days as currently it is still cold outside, but I’m thankful for the warmer days slowly creeping back in.

Below is something I wrote last year.

The first day of spring was spent outdoors, working on the garden for the most part.  Spring is considered a new beginning in nature.  I’ve never understood why it isn’t celebrated as the New Year as opposed to January 1st.  It seems more appropriate to do so to me.

Chris hoeing

We planted organic wheat seeds on the part of the garden Chris is working on.  We just read the first book in the Anastasia series by Vladimir Mergre’.  Anastasia says to hold the seeds in your mouth, mixing with your saliva, for nine minutes.  Hold them in your hands, offering them to the celestial bodies before putting them in the ground.  Do all this barefoot so that your foot perspiration is absorbed by the soil.  This will activate the proper nourishment and healing properties in the plants for your particular body.  We each planted a handful of seeds in this manner.

Chocolate Lava Cake

According to the book it wasn’t necessary to do this with every single seed.

The weather reached seventy degrees, which allowed us to eat lunch on the deck, later followed by dessert of chocolate lava cake.  In keeping with a day of firsts, this was our first day of eating out on the deck, my favorite place to eat.

We also worked on cleaning up the fish pond in the backyard.

It’s time once again to uncover the fish pond.

3 thoughts on “Bring On Spring

  1. It’s fun to look back at the year before and see how the weather was and what you were up to. Weather looks good there – still snowy here and several more months before we can plant seeds outdoors!
    Debbie 🙂

  2. You are going to have to let us know how the wheat seeds that you planted in such a special way turns out. I’m with you when it comes to eating outside. We are about to have the kind of weather that allows such pleasure provided the pollen doesn’t make it impossible to breathe.
    Thanks for your visit. Do come again.

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