Chasing Paper

Today was one of those days that slip away from you.  I’m a great procrastinator on lots of things, especially paper work.  I dug it all out in hopes of getting taxes started, forms filled out, bills paid, and general organization, and elimination.  Phone calls were made for the second time to get taken off mailing lists.  In this instantaneous world we live in I don’t understand how it can take months to get taken off catalogue lists.

I found a blank notebook I had been saving for something special.  This morning I figured out what that special was.  It will be used in the Thank a Teacher Apple Campaign.

In all the sorting I found a notebook of poems that I had written in high school, one was featured in the local newspaper where I live.  You have to understand it’s a very, very small town.  I remember the day the picture was taken, no warning.  It was one of those days when I didn’t wash my hair the night before.  It had gotten so oily that I had used baby powder the following morning on it.  There was also something about panty hose involved in that process, but I can’t remember now.  We only had a bathtub, and I was never allowed to wash my hair early in the morning.  My mother was rather strict about me never going out with my hair wet for fear of me catching a cold.  I don’t remember us having a blow dryer.  In fact, maybe they hadn’t even been invented yet.  I guess that really dates me.

I’m thankful especially for the Apple notebook find today, as well as the elimination of unnecessary paper.

Here is the newspaper picture and the poem.


As Morning Awakes

The flowers seem tangled against the sky’s solid hue

Yet so delicately mangled in the cold morning due

Undisturbed by the sun’s light, lying still in the early solitude

They continue there silently through another summer day

Blowing through the breeze so gallantly

Until the sun’s last ray.

December 8, 1969

16 thoughts on “Chasing Paper

  1. Awww…. it feels so special to be reading one of your earlier poems, my dear.. and the poem and its essence are just as beautiful as you were then, and are now!


  2. Isn’t it magical to discover an earlier “you?” I loved reading your poem. And you don’t look like you’ve aged at all! Is there a picture of you somewhere that’s aging instead?

  3. What a way (back!) with words you have. Ageless .That was a bliss.

    I had to laugh when I read about the baby powder. Took me straight back to my high school days! You’re really pretty in the paper clipping pic. I can’t believe it says 1970 on it – you still look so young!!

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