Thank A Teacher – The Apple Campaign

Teachers in the lunch room at Upper Tygart Elementary School proudly holding up their apples

It’s one of those things where synchronicity comes into play.  Yesterday I read an article by Kevin E.:

Maybe education was somewhere in the back of my mind or in my heart this morning as I tried to meditate.  Suddenly one of those intuitive messages came through loud and clear saying give apples to teachers.  The idea seemed rather simplistic and I was asking myself what this could accomplish.  I couldn’t wait to tell my husband, as I was in the “heart” of the moment, and was bubbling up with the anticipation of apples changing the world.  Apples truly did change the world with Apple Records and Macintosh computers.  But, I was leaning towards the organic kind.

My husband loved the idea, but I’ve never known him not to contest my ideas too much.   I found nothing when I searched the internet to find if this had been done before.  I was also looking for some sort of sign to see if this might truly be some intuitive divine message or just one of insanity.  I googled to find when Teacher Appreciation Day took place and found we would be out of town on that date, in New York City, The Big Apple.  Was this a sign?  Still, playing this simplistic idea down in my head, thinking how stupid I might look taking teacher’s apples, I called a friend who is one of those true Gandhist’s (made up word) in being the change that she wants to see.  She loved the idea.  That was a second confirmation.  I needed one more.  As they say, the third time’s a charm.  I called a dear friend who is a teacher.  The idea gave her goose bumps.

I thought I just couldn’t tell people to give apples to teachers.  I must start proactively myself.

So I headed off to Kroger to obtain Organic Apples.  I didn’t like the thought of giving teachers anything less.  The thought of the witch giving Snow White the poisoned apple came to my mind.  I didn’t want to give anything tainted with pesticides.  I would also love to see nothing but organic in our school cafeterias (another article).  I called another friend who is a teacher to tell her I would be stopping off at her school.  Their response was great.  All the teachers seemed thrilled to get the apples, and wanted to stay informed as to the progress of this venture.

I’m not sure what it will lead to, but I’m hoping others will take initiative and distribute organic apples to each teacher in a particular school of your choice, or even to just one teacher.  There were twenty-five teachers in the school I visited.

I was also curious about how giving teachers apples got started.  We associate apples with knowledge.  But was there something

Principal Jenny Stark and Teacher Jeanie Clary holding up their apples

more?  I found this:  People associate apples with teachers is the tradition from the 16th century until 18th century in various countries including Denmark and America, in which parents pay educators with foods like fruits. During this time, teachers do not receive enough salary to sustain the cost of living in their places. To help them with their basic needs, parents give the teachers of their children potatoes and apples. During these centuries, apples are considered special and expensive because these fruits are difficult to plant, cultivate and harvest. To compensate the efforts of educators and to make them feel special, parents pay them with different varieties of the fruit.

Perhaps it will lead to more than just apples.  There is so much in our educational system that needs change, and teachers need all the support they can get.  Maybe before Teacher Appreciate Day rolls around in May, each teacher will have received a show of support by receiving an apple, and much needed attention will be drawn to our educational system and people working together to make it what is truly should be.

I’m thankful for the teachers that have made a difference in my life.

5 thoughts on “Thank A Teacher – The Apple Campaign

  1. My mother was a school teacher for thirty years – and speaking from the perspective of a teacher’s family (and someone who supports the hard work of public servants like teachers) – I think this a tremendous idea because it so simply expresses appreciation in the way we have forgotten to do in our society. Teachers have a difficult and often thankless job, in many places are underpaid for the service they perform, and I’m sure that your apple gifts went a long way to brightening up the desks of a few teachers! Good for your initiative on this!

  2. I think its a terrific idea. Everyone likes to be remembered, and appreciated. Teachers unfortunately get little of either, or much recognition for their hard work.. It is nice to remind them that they are special people and we value them and all that they do for their students.

  3. I was one of the lucky teacher that recieved an apple gift from you at UTES. I enjoyed it and loved the feeling of appreciation that came with it! I shared with Mrs. Lowe that as a child I had helped Megan on the bus her first year of school, I guess I was really meant to be a teacher even then. If my story doesn’t ring a bell, my parents are Lynn and Reva Whisman. Thanks again for the gift of appreciation.

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