Mother Earth

Sometimes this waterfall can get quite powerful.

On Saturday, we worked on trails in the woods around our house.  As soon as warm enough weather sets in I get out on the trails to do the pre-spring upkeep.  Mainly that consists of raking leaves off the path, picking up rocks and wind-blown sticks.  My husband does the heavier work of cutting up trees that have fallen over the trail during the course of winter.  This is also our firewood.

A menopausal woman out in the solitude of the woods with her dogs raking leaves might seem eccentric or possibly some form of mental illness.  But I see it has a form of Zen contemplation and connecting with Mother Nature, not to mention calorie burning.  There is something about uncovering rich black soil and the rich array of life that sometimes pops out, previously protected by autumn’s shedding leaves.  Sometimes I feel guilty about disturbing the life, but at other times I feel like we are just working together, as various animals also use the path daily, mainly deer.  Build it and they will come.

I believe there is healing power in the soil.  There have been times when I have laid down letting Mother Earth absorb my worries.  There have also been times that I’ve abandoned my hiking boots to let my bare feet truly pick up on nature’s vibration.

Today looks like an excellent day to be out there, and I have my spot all picked out.  I do sections each day.  I’m thankful we live in such a beautiful wooded natural area.

The pictures are from Saturday’s trail walk and work.

Deer prints on the trail after the previous day's work.
Place along the trail where my father and his siblings bathed before plumbing

Beautiful water pattern in the creek along the trail

3 thoughts on “Mother Earth

  1. This is a beuatiful, inspiring post Thursday. Thank you so much for sharing it. Just hearing your words and seeing your pictures makes me feel very peaceful.

    Very sincerely, thank you. 🙂

    – Papa Joe

  2. What a fantastic way to spend the day. I used to dread raking and cleaning up sticks and thought of it as a chore to hurry up and get done – not anymore, I take in the sights and sounds and observe. As we age, we certainly do get wiser. We will be cleaning up after an ice storm this weekend and I am looking forward to it. Believe that?!
    Debbie 🙂

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