Signs of Love Abound

I’m all about synchronicity.  Especially after reading the Celestine Prophecy series I tend to look for signs everywhere.  If I see a bird or animal I will look up their meaning.  I also tend to discard as much as possible any bad omens, unless I have a strong feeling.  In my view, life is better with rosy colored glasses.

Yesterday morning I fixed some toast for breakfast and randomly tore off a piece of paper towel to use as a napkin.   We are conservative on paper towels as a part of our recycling process.  Anyway, I didn’t even notice what was on the towel that I placed by my plate until I sat down.  I saw Love squarely staring me in the face.  Whereas, some might say just coincidence, I say another message from divinity coming through.  I immediately grabbed the camera thinking of writing about this synchronicity.  Love, after all, is really the only message.

I’m thankful for such messages.  One of my favorite quotes by Rumi is, “Sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment.”  Another is, “Awe is the salve that will heal our eyes.”  I am constantly in awe of such synchronicity.

What I’m about to relate happened just a little over a week ago.  Some dear friends lost their son, and we were attending the funeral.  Even though it was so sad, there was a moment during the beginning of the funeral during group chanting that I felt a sense of bliss and love hovering over.  I wasn’t a part of the chanting.  I didn’t even understand the words.  However, there was a strong feeling of love and bliss.  I just felt this to be his presence in saying he was in such a place or state of divine love.

Even though I follow my heart, my intellect always says give me a further sign, just like in the sock story I posted earlier.  After leaving the funeral I checked my phone, and there had been two calls from the father’s cell phone during that time of the funeral.  Thinking, how strange, I immediately showed my husband.  One was just a missed call.  The other happened a few minutes later, a voice mail, which consisted of four minutes of the chanting that occurred during that time of the funeral.  The father saw the calls were made from his phone during the funeral.  The whole incident seemed to give them a tad more comfort in such a sad time.  I realize it can be explained away as pocket calls, but still I see the awe and bewilderment of the why of those calls, at that time, during that particular feeling, to me.  Although, still bewildered I choose to see it as a sign of divine love.


5 thoughts on “Signs of Love Abound

  1. Such a beautiful post…thank you.
    I also believe in asking for ‘signs’. A few years ago, I was at a neighbour’s funeral and as I was sitting listening to the service, I asked for a ‘sign’ that her spirit lives on. The next moment, a pidgeon flew onto the windowsill of the church and sat there with his head cocked towards me as if to say, ‘it’s okay…all is well..I am here’. White feathers are another sign I look for. Whenever I ask for evidence that I am being protected.,,,or that I am on the right path…a white feather will always appear to confirm my request. Beautiful. Juls 🙂

  2. I love this post. I’ve read the Celestine Prophecy, but I think I need to revisit it. I look for signs as well, but I think I have a hard time reading them. I am grateful for “meeting” you to help guide me in understanding the signs that come my way.

  3. This is a lovely post. It takes me back a few years to a time when the synchronicity was flowing very strongly in my life. I had just come through a very difficult time -with Spirit’s help- and messages came through in abundance for months. I had a friend who taught me numerology at the time, which gave these messages extra significance, and led me into some of the most magical spiritual experiences. You can read about them in my book – hope you like it!

  4. Fantastic stuff. Likewise, I run into such things.

    Maybe it’s time to revisit The Celestine Prophecy for me.

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