It’s a Boy or a Girl! Therefore, Let It Be Yellow

Right before Christmas I shopped for yarn in order to make my daughter and her husband scarves.  I’m a sucker for richly colored and textured yarns.  I’m a weaver, which explains it.  Since I no longer weave as my livelihood I occasionally am drawn to creatively express through knitting.  There was a huge bin of those discontinued yarns and colors on sale that I couldn’t resist.

There are no babies that I see in my future or anyone that I know for that matter, but still I picked up some yellow, which I thought would be perfect for a baby blanket.  That is what I’m attempting now.  I started it this week.  Perhaps it will be finished in another couple of weeks.  As Random Acts of Kindness Day was just recently celebrated, this is my random act of kindness act.  The finished product will go to whomever synchronicity or divine will dictates.  So, I hope some pregnant mother or new mother with babe in arms isn’t alarmed when I slip the finished blanket from my knitting needles and say, “Here, for you.”

On the other hand, there is always the possibility that my daughter might say, “Guess what, mom!”  If this should happen,  this will double as my random kindness piece and practice piece for many baby-knitting projects yet to come.

The pattern is really easy.  I found it here:

I also found this great opportunity, which might be of interest to any students who knit or crochet.  It was found on this site:

Five $3,000 scholarships are now available to hardworking students who can knit or crochet! Jimmy Beans Wool has teamed up with many people in the fiber arts industry to provide the Beans For Brains Scholarship for deserving knitters and crocheters! This merit-based award is for students who will be attending an accredited institution in the Fall of 2011.

You can get more information and an application by visiting the Beans For Brains Scholarship page.

Start applying today, as the deadline for submissions is April 1st! Not attending college but know someone who is or will be? Share the Beans For Brains Scholarship via Ravelry or print out a flyer for your LYS (flyers available here)! Spread the word and help the next generation of fiber artists fund their dreams of higher education!

You can also find more information about the program here: Jimmy Beans Wool.

I’m thankful my husband supports my knitting habit.

4 thoughts on “It’s a Boy or a Girl! Therefore, Let It Be Yellow

  1. What a pretty blanket you are creating. Some lucky baby will get to enoy it very much I’m sure. And I’ll keep my fingers crossed that sometime in the not too distant future that your daughter says, “Mum, I’ve got something to tell you…”, with a big smile on her face!
    Juls 🙂

  2. Love love love the blanket – I’m going to go check out the pattern. I am just finishing a baby cardigan for a guy I work with whose wife is due in a few weeks. Hopefully I can get this one started for the next office baby.

  3. oh i saw your blog just now and the dead line is ended. my sister in law knits so beautifully and skillfully. being a diabetic one of her leg was mutilated almost 3 years back. now she just home yet she keeps knitting cardigans and sweaters for her husband, friends grand kids and even for neighbors. I wish i could do something. she was the headmistress of school before she lost her leg

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