The Early Bird Gets the Worm

I’m really not interested in getting the worm, mainly because I’m vegetarian; but I’m interested in getting better health and getting an earlier start.  I read so many self-help books.  However, reading and practicing their teachings are two different things.  In an effort to cultivate better habits, I’ve slowly been making changes.  In August I began a daily practice of yoga.  This could be anywhere from twenty minutes to over an hour a day of yoga asanas.  My original goal was to begin on August 1st and surpass my previous non-interrupted daily practice of 120 days straight.  I’m now at 200 days.  Yay! – A subdued yay, as I don’t want to jinx it.  Every day is still a challenge.

I’m now ready for the next challenge in what I hope will be a series of a cultivation of good habits.  That is rising much earlier.  Even though technically, we are approaching spring and days are getting longer, it seems that days are getting shorter.  Maybe that is partly age with respect to me, but still I’ve heard people complain about time flying at a much faster rate than ever before.  I could certainly use a head start on the day….a couple of extra hours.  It is also said that the most successful people are early risers.  Bad news for all those worms like me who have been slithering deep into the covers.  Cold mornings and the gravitational pull of warm covers have been my excuse for too long.

In the wee hours of the morning before sunrise, the ether is mostly free of all the artificial electromagnetic forces that start when most people rise.  Yogis say that this is the most auspicious and beneficial time for meditation I know this to be true from experience.  The solar energy is rising.  Meditation at this time is like catching a wave.  It’s a clear time with fewer distractions both physically and ethereally.  There is nothing to compare with the peace and quietude before sunrise.  Catching this wave is like a surfer’s high that can get you through the day. Like anything, good habits first require a choice, then practice and more practice, and more practice, just like the yoga effort.  Practice makes perfect.

Today, I’m thankful I tossed off the covers and met the day before sunrise.  It was gloomy.  I didn’t actually see the sunrise, but with practice I should have plenty of opportunities to see beautiful sunrises.  I experienced a calming peace this morning, and right before noon, I feel like I’ve already had a full day, and still have energy.

3 thoughts on “The Early Bird Gets the Worm

  1. I recently started a daily yoga practice that coincided (intentionally) with rising early in the day. I love the early morning hours. Even so, it’s not always easy to leave a warm, comfy bed.

    Good luck with your new challenge. 🙂

  2. Oh..I’ve been a daily yoga-practitioner and meditator for years. It’s not only changed my ‘mind’…but my entire life. And – I rise before the sun..because it’s the best part of my day!
    Thanks for visiting…and I love what you’re writing about here!

  3. Practice is one of those things that we often forget about it, for we get caught up in theory and abstraction. But to actually do something is quite a different story; kudos to you!

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