God Sometimes Speaks Through Socks

This happened to me several years ago.  I felt compelled to write about it but didn’t until a few days later as the result of one of those synchronicities.  I read an article about a discussion topic of  “How Does God Communicate With You?”

A few mornings earlier I awoke thinking I must look for that missing sock today.  These were my favorite socks.  I had one sock, but one was missing.  It had been missing for a month.  I kept thinking it would turn up, falling out of laundry or something like that.  Since this was Saturday my husband was home and I would get him to move the washer and dryer out thinking perhaps it had fallen behind one of them.

Being a lazy Saturday, I fell back asleep for about an hour.  We finally arose, and had breakfast.  I had forgotten, once again about the sock.  After breakfast, we started talking about spiritual things.  I had a question for God.  I get so involved in the “whys” and the mysteries of the universe.  I was doing some deep soul searching.  I prayed rather hard asking God a question.  Immediately, intuitively I got the answer, almost as if God were telling me directly.  It seemed so clear.  I wasn’t too crazy about the answer, but just feeling God’s presence in that moment was reassuring.  Silently, I replied back,  “that felt so real, but “just give me a sign.”

My husband at the same moment walked back into the room.  Just minutes before he said he was going to change into some old work clothes, while leaving me alone to say my prayer and ponder all this.  He returned, standing in the doorway putting on an old shirt, to go work outside.  As he was putting it on, the sock fell to the floor.

I’m thankful for synchronicities and answered prayer.


3 thoughts on “God Sometimes Speaks Through Socks

  1. Communication via your socks is a new one on me…but then God does work in mysterious ways. Taking some quiet time to ask questions and to ask for a sign is a lovely thing to do and we usually get an answer. Not always the one we want, but an answer nevertheless. Lovely post – thank you 🙂

  2. Those quirky methods of reaching out and saying “here I am” make me think God has an awesome sense of humor. 🙂 Glad your answer (and your sock!) came along.

  3. 😀 We find the answers in the strangest places. I agree with skyddsdrake, God certainly does have “an awesome sense of humor.”

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