Your Birthdate – What Does It Mean?

Numerology is the study of numbers.  Each number possesses its own attributes and qualities.  Your numbers, arrived at by your name and birth date, can offer insights into your personality and the life challenges you may face.

There are many numbers and combinations of numbers, which affect a person’s life.  I thought I might give you a clue using just the birthday, which is a sub-lesson of your life path number.  Your actual life path number is based on your birth date.

I have given attributes for each number.  Enjoy reading the tendencies that may or may not go along with your or a loved one’s particular birthday.  You decide for yourself.

Please note that this is for entertainment purposes only.

1 – INDIVIDUATION, INDEPENDENCE, and ATTAINMENT – You have an independent attitude filled with self-reliance.  You are a good and dynamic leader possessing superior executive skills.  You have much self-confidence with a positive progressive attitude.  All this amplifies your potential for achievement and financial reward.  You are blessed with a good mind, which thinks practically, progressively, and rationally.  You have a drive to be creative and original and are often a pioneer.   You have a thirst for knowledge or learning.  You are sensitive but rarely show your feelings.  The one is better at starting than continuing and sees the broader picture rather than the details.  You may be an entrepreneur.  Some of the challenges a one faces may be carrying the above qualities to extreme, for instance being too self-centered, being destructive in a drive to succeed, or being unaware of people’s feelings.  Being too self-reliant can also make one withdrawn and lonely.  Appearance wise you give off and air of strength and often have sparkling eyes and strong teeth.  Health is influenced by emotional problems.

Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean Baker) was born June 1, 1926.
Diana, Princess of Wales (Diana Frances Spencer) was born July 1, 1961.

2 – RELATION/COOPERATION – The two is almost the opposite of the one.  Balance is a key word.  The two works well with others, often preferring partnerships to individual enterprises.  You are sociable, friendly, tactful and diplomatic.  You would be the force to bring opposing sides together due to your persuasive nature and sensitivity to other people’s feelings.  Other “two” descriptive words would be considerate, courteous, modest, cooperative and adaptable.  Peace and harmony is your goal.  The two may suffer from occasional moods of depression.  You are affectionate, better at continuing than starting and good with details.  You may face challenges related with being too over sensitive and emotional, often sensing things that do not even exist.  The two can sometimes play the victim role.  You may be over cautious.  The two usually has a soft, rounded appearance with caring, nurturing eyes.  Career wise the two often is in a position of helpfulness or service such as therapist, counselor, social worker, physician, or a career that requires negotiation skills.

Mahatma Gandhi was born October 2, 1869.

3 – EXPRESSION, JOY OF LIVING – Threes like the joy of living as well as fun, sometimes mischievous fun.  You are good with words – writing, speaking, singing, selling or entertaining, any form of expression.  Threes are also gifted with their hands being artistic, creative, and possessing good imaginations.  You are enthusiastic, optimistic, cheerful, friendly, and sociable.  You possess good conversational skills.  You provide inspiration for others. You have an energetic nature giving much love and affection.  This energy or enthusiasm can also be scattered producing a feeling of being up one minute and a feeling of being down another.  Scattering the energy also may make the three prone to involvement with trivial or superficial matters and having too many interests and becoming bored easily.  Sometimes you take on two much and become self-critical.  Threes are bubbly and smiling, often muscular.  Any career involving creativity, communication skills or hands would be a good choice.

Mary Shelley (writer of Frankenstein) was born August 3, 1797.

4 – LIMITATION, ORDER, SERVICE – Fours work on a lot of practical issues.  You are good at organizing, managing, and working long and hard hours.  You do all this in a conscientious, dependable, responsible and self-disciplined manner.   You have a serious, sincere, honest nature exhibiting much patience and perseverance and determination.  You are one who will succeed despite limitations or uncomfortable circumstances.  Due to this practical nature the four might show little affection.  You are good with details, insisting on accuracy, often unaware of the bigger picture.  You might feel repressed.  You are loyal and need stability in your life, needing structure and boundaries.  You may think of life as a constant struggle and constantly strive for more security.  You need structure and balance and fear change.    A four might be a banker or accountant, anything that involves organization or detail.  You might also be a builder or work with the land.

Barack Obama was born August 4, 1961.

Percy Bysshe Shelley (poet and husband of Mary Shelley) was born August 4, 1792.
Charles Augustus Lindbergh was born February 4, 1902.

5 – CONSTRUCTIVE FREEDOM – The five enjoys communication, whether verbally or through body language.   Good communication is key in your relationships.  The five is an idea person, talented and versatile, well at presenting ideas.  You enjoy being around others and work well with others.  You are open to new experiences and change, loving freedom.   You love travel.  You can be entertaining, amusing, enthusiastic, and progressive.  You adapt well to different circumstances, being very sociable and can be a delightful, magnetic companion.   Your mind is quick and clever, always analyzing.  You have a good imagination.  You have an explorative nature and are often restless and might have a tendency to shirk responsibility or anything routine.  You can get bored easily seeking new stimulation, which may not be constructive.  You may suffer from addictions.  Fives like to be in open air, which may give them a rugged appearance.  Career wise, anything in the line of communications or public relations or travel would be good.  You need freedom.

Paramahansa Yogananda was born January 5, 1893.
Freddie Mercury of the rock group Queen was born September 5, 1946.

6 – BALANCE, RESPONSIBILITY, and LOVE –A need to belong and be part of the whole is strong.  You have a perception and sixth sense, which helps you facilitate harmonious situations.  You more than likely play the role of mother.  You are responsible, often picking up where others falter, helpful and conscientious in your tasks.  The six is a devoted spouse and parent, expressing openness and honesty.  You show others kindness, sympathy, generosity, and understanding.  There is much sensitivity with the six, which gives you a creative flare.  You are interested in culture and things of beauty.   You are affectionate, both giving and receiving, and show much emotion.  There is a conflict with the six.  The six could go either way, putting the needs of others first, or become self-absorbed, putting his or her needs first.  Over sensitivity could be an issue as well.  A balance needs to be found.  Sometimes you might get carried away when discovering a new interest.  Sixes tend to be very romantic, loving and friendly.  Physically, sixes are prone to having heart shaped faces and large chests.  Health wise, sixes are subject to emotional fatigue and exhaustion.  With a six influencing your career, you can let your sensitivity come to the forefront through some form of art, whether it is painting, writing, singing, or designing.  The six is also good at social work, coordinating, consulting, or supervising

Sigmund Freud was born May 6, 1856.
Mervyn Edward “Merv” Griffin, Jr. was born July 6, 1925.

7 – ANALYSIS, UNDERSTANDING – Your biggest gift is intuition.  You rely on your own inner wisdom.  You go your own path, not too adaptable, preferring to work alone, hermit- like at times.  You sometimes feel isolated, but you need time for rest, introspection, and meditation.  You are interested in scientific, religious, spiritual, or occult subjects, and generally in finding the meaning of life.  You have a lot of what ifs and whys in your mind, often too analytical or anxious at times.  The seven loves nature.  The seven enjoys things of rhythm like yoga, tai chi, tennis, swimming, or walking in the woods.  The seven is most likely the type to go off trekking in the Himalayas or join a commune or ashram. You desire to be “real,” and can sometimes be naïve.  You can also be stubborn; but you have a fine mind, which finds unique approaches for solving problems.  You are a perfectionist and a stickler for details.  You appear aloof, often preferring the company of a book to that of people.  The seven is very sensitive and may have trouble with giving or receiving affection.  You probably repress your emotions.  Physical tendencies of the seven are fine and delicate looks.  One tendency is to go grey early.  The seven may be prone to depression, gloomy moods, and possibly panic attacks.  Careers for a seven can be anything that involves detail or intuition.  This could range from a researcher, analyst, scientist, assistant, organizer, healer, astrologer, or numerologist

Madame Marie Tussaud, famous wax modeler, was born December 7, 1760.

8 – MATERIAL SATISFACTION – You have a deep yearning to succeed.  This could be spiritually as well as materialistically.  You’re a leader, very capable in the business world, very goal oriented, and able to handle large projects.  The eight efficiently handles money, organizational, managerial and administrative duties.  You exude energy, ambition, dependability, and self-confidence.    The eight seeks material satisfactions, but is also practical and realistic.  You are competitive and may enjoy sports.  The eight may feel like a failure if he or she doesn’t meet self-induced goals.  The eight may be a leader in the business world, or be in some authoritative position.  This could be teaching or healing.  The eight may also make a career of sports.

Elvis Presley was born January 8, 1935

9 – SELFLESSNESS HUMANITARIANISM – You are a giving person, showing much friendship, affection and love.  You are often more giving and accepting of others than you are of yourself.  You’re definitely a team player, working well with others.  You exude broadmindedness, tolerance, generosity, sympathy, and compassion.  Your idealistic and humanistic approach can inspire others.  You possess a creative imagination that may give you a flair for art and music.  Drama may play a role in your life with your sensitivity towards the needs and feelings of others.  The nine is knowledgeable and often philanthropic.  A challenge the nine may face is to keep from developing an air of superiority.  Nines are often muscular.  Nines can be prone to sinus problems and muscle aches, mostly from keeping your body in shape.  Career wise the nine may be an educator, healer, any charity work.  The nine has leader capabilities and could be a politician as one example.  You are also good with your hands and could work as an artist, musician, reflexologist, cook or gardener.

John Lennon born October 9, 1940.

10 – INDIVIDUATION, INDEPENDENCE, ATTAINMENT – The 10 birthday brings us into double digits, which means a double number influence.  The zero is an influencing factor emphasizing your gifts and intensifying the qualities of the one.  You have an independent attitude with executive ability making you a good leader.  You are very goal oriented with much positive, progressive ambition.   You emit self-confidence.  With the zero influence you enjoy the challenge and exert much will power.  Your potential for achievement and financial reward are great.  You are better at the over all picture, as opposed to detail, giving vitality and energy to your direction and purpose.  Sometimes the 10 may face the challenge of not having enough courage to pursue their dreams; or you could focus on one goal to the extent that you lose track of everything else.  This can be true in your relationships as well.  You have a great need for creativity.  Physically the ten is alluring with a compelling voice.  The ten can be susceptible to infections.  The ten needs a career that will stimulate the mind and creativity.   You may also be wealthy and not need to work for a living.

Nikola Tesla was born July 10, 1856.

11 – ILLUMINATION – This is a master number.  The eleven works well with others and often inspires by example.  You have a good sense of idealism. You have the gift of intuition and are very spiritual and highly sensitive.  You may seek out a guru or teacher, or you may be the guru or teacher.  You would use persuasion rather than force in your dealings.  Having two ones, you are a born leader.  Yet you are not comfortable in the business world.  For example, you may want to set up a retreat, healing center, yoga studio or meditation center.  The eleven enjoys peace and calmness, but may need to tame a nervous energy.   Challenges the eleven might face are becoming self-centered or too dreamy and absorbed in the spiritual world.  The eleven is a perfectionist and prefers to be the decision maker.  Physically, the eleven might have a weak appearance.  You may be prone to nervousness, stomach upsets or depression.  Your career choice could be that of a healer, counselor, writer, chef, artist, musician, or actor, anything that might inspire others with your creativity or spirituality.

Salvador Dali was born May 11, 1904.  (On a personal note, my college oil painting instructor shared an apartment with Salvador Dali.  He knew Picasso.)

12 – EXPRESSION, JOY OF LIVING – The twelve also has the influence of the number three. You have a strong sense of family and enjoy spending time with family.  Twelve’s love to create, and can be content with many interests.  You are light-hearted and really enjoy life.  The twelve is definitely a doer with boundless amounts of energy.  The twelve is good with words – writing, speaking, or singing, and is continually in the process of studying and learning.  You work well with others having an original approach.  You are often artistic, one of the ways your creativity and good imagination comes into play.  You show much enthusiasm, cheerfulness, friendliness, and optimism and express a joy of living. You are affectionate and loving, as well as sensitive to others.  A challenge the twelve may face is being too fussy.  You may be such a doer that you don’t relax.  You also may be untidy.  Physically, twelve’s are often slender with small but open eyes, which may look watery.  The twelve, health wise, is prone to digestive and skin problems.  As far as careers, something that is inspiring and uplifting to others is a good choice.  You might be in radio or television, landscaping, culinary or teaching professions.  Your bright mind and head for success might lead you into business. You are good at both the big picture and the details.

Grace Kelly was born on November 12, 1928.
Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809.

13 – LIMITATION, ORDER, SERVICE – The 13 has a 4-sub number.  You are great at adapting and coping, although one of the challenges you may face is to take those first steps outside your usual, comfortable routine.  You need to feel secure and have a strong solid foundation as your base.   With this solid foundation you are actually good with change, risks and dramas because they challenge you to adapt, cope and seek a sense of security amidst it all.  Essentially, you are a down to earth, well-grounded person.  You are good at organization and managing, to the point of sometimes irritating others.  Responsibility is something you thrive on.  You have good executive skills with the ability to work long, hard hours.  Your ability to be strong, self-discipline, dependability, and enthusiasm and bubbly sense of humor inspires others.  You are a detail person.  Positions of organization and leadership are good career moves for you.  You are a warm, caring individual and will seek an affectionate partner.  The 13/4 can be prone to accidents and stomach problems.

Alfred Hitchcock was born August 13, 1899.

14 – CONSTRUCTIVE FREEDOM – You also have the five influences.  With this number there are lots of experiences and change.  There can be lots of things going on at once.  You tend to jump from project to project with little feeling of accomplishment.  You can work well with others, and you are talented and versatile.  You are a good organizer, capable of hard work but not consistently.  You go with your bursts of energy.  The 14/5 desires new experiences – change, travel, or anything dealing with the senses which may cause you to overindulge in eating, drinking, things that can turn into bad habits in general…. you get the picture.   Your interest in experiences may lead you into always studying and learning about different cultures, trying different endeavors.    Even with all this you still have a practical discerning approach, guided by your intuition, a gift that with this number is strong.  You love communication, especially with your partner.   Physically you may have large eyes and a high forehead.  You can be very independent; but you are also magnetic, drawing the respect of others.  The 14/5 may face challenges of feeling restricted if you stay in the same relationship or job for two long.  You also stay in your mind and sometimes want to escape physical reality altogether.  The 14/5 should be attentive to any immune system or throat problems.  Career wise, the 14/5 has many possibilities.  Your enthusiasm, as well as other strong communication attributes may lead you into public relations, marketing, sales, the travel industry, writing, acting, or even private detective work.

Albert Einstein was born March 14, 1879.

15 – BALANCE, RESPONSIBILITY, and LOVE – You have a deep yearning for wisdom – much of which comes from your intuition.  People often see you as a wise person or sage.  You are a great communicator, helpful and conscientious, often facilitating changes in inharmonious situations.  People are also drawn to you because of your sympathy and understanding.  You are a people person, loving, friendly, understanding, appreciative of others, giving and receiving lots of affection.  Sometimes in giving all this care to others you repress your own feelings.  You adapt well and make a devoted spouse and parent.  You also have a great side expressing beauty and can be very creative and artistic.  You often express these characteristics in your home.  Challenges for the 15/6 (six being a sub-number) are emotional imbalances brought on by too much sensitivity.   You are usually responsible, but independent at the same time.  Sometimes you feel trapped because you have taken on too much.   Health concerns for the 15/6 may be digestive in nature, along with arthritis, and emotional and mental stresses.  This number could well work in any communications endeavor or in the world of beauty such as make-up artist or beautician.  Caring careers such as healing may be your destiny.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was born January 15, 1929.
Dame Agatha Christie was born September 15, 1890.

16 – ANALYSIS, UNDERSTANDING –You have a deep yearning for wholeness, within yourself and others.  For this reason you may experiment with many different things, often-spiritual explorations.  You may also just want to learn cooking; so, you will try that until you feel perfected in it.  You are a perfectionist and a stickler for detail, with no difficulty in carrying projects from start to finish.  You have an independent streak, preferring to work alone, but often you feel lonely.  You have great intuition and need times of rest, meditation, introspection, and reflection.  You may often appear stubborn and self-centered.  In spite of this you desire to help others, possibly through healing, since this comes naturally to you.  You are also trying to heal yourself.  Seven is a sub-number; and I often think of this number as meaning someone who will go off and trek the Himalayas to find answers.  You listen to your wisdom and your truth to guide you.   A challenge you face is difficulty in maintaining permanent relationships.  You care about friends and family, but at the same time have strong personal needs.  You feel deeply but can repress your emotions. You are on a different wavelength, which may confuse others.  Another challenge is becoming too obsessed with whatever your current interest is.  You may also be a worrier.   The 16/7 can have a sultry look.  The 16/7 might be picky with food, possibly developing anorexia or bulimia.  You have a logical, rational approach to matters, with a good scientific mind.  Career choices can be something in the healing field, a problem-solving field or some type of management position.  You would also do well in the arts, such as theatre.

Oscar Wilde was born October 16, 1854.
Wilbur Wright was born April 16, 1867.

17 – MATERIAL SATISIFACTION – You are very precise and know what you want, goal oriented type of person.  You are very capable in the business world, preferring to be in charge.  You have executive ability with organizational, managerial and administrative skills.  You are practical in your approach.  You are efficient and handle money well.  You have ambition, determination and courage, bringing much energy and empowerment to anything you are involved with.  You are much better at the bigger picture than with details.  You have a spiritual side, wanting to know the meaning of life.  This may lead you to travel, visiting religious sites or archeological digs, or just books for answers.  You may be drawn to yoga and meditation.  You merge your spiritual side with your business side. You may face the challenge of being too aggressive or pushy.  Failure is not in your vocabulary.  You stand firmly on your own two feet, letting your strength of character lead the way.  You often have material success.   Physically, you may have cat like eyes.  Career choices may be any kind of leader or teacher or sports person.  You might take a career such as director or producer of documentaries to reveal the truth.

Jane Austen was born December 17, 1775.

18 – SELFLESS HUMANITARIANISM – You know your own self-worth.  You work well with others but must preserve independence.  18/9 is a giving number.  You have a humanistic, philanthropic approach, often in business situations.  You have executive ability and organizational, managerial, and administrative capabilities.  Religion and spirituality may play an important part in your life.  Even though your views may be strong, you show broadmindedness, tolerance and respect for all doctrines.  You show much sympathy, compassion and generosity.  These characteristics along with your idealism give you leadership skills.  You are also highly creative.  Your potential for achievement is good.  You often receive recognition for your accomplishments.  A challenge the 18/9 may face is disappointment because of the high expectations you have of yourself.  Another challenge is to avoid flaunting your abilities or becoming controlling, because of your high self-confidence.  Physically the 18/9 often has a small nose.   You may have feet, knee or spinal problems.  You may work as a leader or teacher, especially in the spiritual realm.  You often serve your community.  You might be involved in charity work or other humanitarian services.  Almost anything is open to the 18/9 except for the mundane.

Louis Tiffany was born February 18, 1848.

19 – INDIVIDUATON, INDEPENDENCE, and ATTAINMENT –You have a strong, independent mind and are capable of being a good leader.  You exude authority and will power.  You have original concepts and are often the first to do something, leading the way for others.  You show much passion and zeal in your endeavors.  You like your independence and are very self-reliant and self-sufficient.  Although you may have a humanitarian and selfless streak you still desire the approval of others.  The 19/1 has a tendency to be self-centered as well as fixed in your own way of doing things.  Your way of doing things can be imaginative and unconventional.  You need to avoid feeling superior.   Your high standards and ambition can make you very hard on yourself.  You are always trying to improve yourself.  Be careful to not be too opinionated.  You are better at the bigger picture, rather than details.  An outstanding physical feature is having a proportionate figure, regardless of size.   Health wise, you may be prone to digestive disturbances, particularly with your gall bladder of liver.  You are usually strong and robust most of the time.   Your originality and creativity may lead you into becoming an artist, musician or writer.  You may also be a leader in a lot of different fields, perhaps in the religious or spiritual realm, inspiring others.  You might enjoy the power of being a personal assistant to someone famous.

Edgar Allan Poe was born January 19, 1809.
William Jefferson Clinton born William Jefferson Blythe III, was born August 19, 1946.
Orville Wright was born August 19, 1871

20 – RELATION, COOPERATION – Calmness and contentment are key elements of the 20/2.  With the zero influencing you, you need to find inner peace and harmony.  You work well with others and prefer partnerships and bonding as opposed to independence.  You are very open, sociable and friendly.  You are an ambassador of good will, always preferring the cooperative, non-emotional approach to working things out.  You are a nurturing soul.  You have much sensitivity to the feelings of others.   You walk the middle path, avoiding extremes.  One challenge you face since everyone comes to you is perhaps impartiality.  Sometimes, because you have held onto your own emotions and have maintained peace for so long, you may want to explode with a confrontation.  This is rare.  Or the emotions are so overwhelming, that you wallow in sadness.  With regard to your love life you are seeking balance. You are affectionate.  Physically your features have roundness even though you might be slender.  Wellness issues for you might be mood swings or depression or a proneness to breathing difficulties such as asthma or sinus problems.  You might enjoy a career as a lawyer, negotiator, diplomat, or mediator.  You might also be in customer relations, counseling, managing or personal management or relations.

Robert Francis Kennedy was born November 20, 1925.
Natalie Wood was born on July 20, 1938.

21 – EXPRESSION, JOY OF LIVING –You desire to create abundance in life, all aspects of abundance – love, joy, fun, good health, friends, money – and sharing it with others.  Generosity and giving are in your nature.  You have a positive, enthusiastic outlook on life.   You are good with words and speaking, and are a great conversationalist.  You are very friendly and sociable, affectionate and loving.  You enjoy family.  You are all right with working alone or with others.  You enjoy new goals and challenges. You are artistic in nature.  If you are not in the arts you appreciate the arts and beauty.  You are energetic, but sometimes scatter your energy. Lack of confidence may be a challenge that the 21/3 faces.  You also sometimes feel drained and don’t take time for yourself.  You also may like to argue your point.  You are generally happy and outgoing though.  One of your most outstanding features may be the sparkle in your voice.  This sparkle and ability at conversation may lead you far.  You would be good in business, perhaps as a manager.  You might be a peacemaker, perhaps a spiritual leader.  You would also be good in any artistic endeavor, whether it be painting, writing, singing, or decorating.  You desire to bring beauty and the joy of living to others.  Physically you might be prone to emotional stress or muscular aches and pains.

Charlotte Bronte’ was born April 21, 1816.

22 – MASTER BUILDER –22 like 11 is a master number.  Usually much is expected of master numbers.  You are a dreamer.  That is a good thing.  Your dreams may lead you into making the world a better place.  You bring idealism to the picture.  This master number is capable of handling large-scale undertakings and capable of leading in new directions.  You excel in organizing.  You may have a unique approach.  You will work long hours to achieve results.  You approach your endeavors in a serious, responsible, honest manner.   You also desire security, and your home is important to you.  This is your base or foundation so to speak.  You always take the lower number into account as well.  In your case, you are a 22/4; therefore, refer back to the 4 as a sub-number of the 22.  You have a practical nature; but the 22 will allow you to see a much larger scale.  You desire to please others and have a generous nature.   A challenge the 22/4 may face is taking on projects of enormous scale, maybe almost impossible tasks.  Other challenges may be in balancing all responsibilities.  You may work so hard on one project or goal to the exclusion of others, and not allowing proper rest for yourself.  You may fear for your survival and face a sense of insecurity at times.  You can be deeply sensitive and vulnerable and be defensive at times because of this.  Overall, you are a loving, warm and nurturing person.  Physically, you may have soft, watery eyes, with a large face, and stocky build.   You may be prone to leg or feet problems.  This is associated with being grounded.  Career choices may be a diplomat, peacemaker, politician or civil servant.  You could also work in the healing profession or as a counselor or therapist.  You might just be managing your own empire, whether it is large or small.  A creative field such as artist or writer is also possible.  In any case, you are usually the boss of the situation.

Deepak Chopra was born October 22, 1946.
Giacomo Puccini was born on December 22, 1858.

23 – CONSTRUCTIVE FREEDOM – The 23/5 is also a dreamer with a very vivid imagination.  Your dreams may be of a beautiful home or a beautiful garden or your ideal life.  You have a knack for materializing your dreams.  One reason for this is because you enjoy working, plus you work well with others.  You are versatile and talented, adapting to change well.  In fact, you invite change and new experiences.  You love travel.  You have a child-like simplicity towards life.  You express yourself openly and honestly to people.  People reciprocate towards you in the same manner and are drawn to you because of this quality.  You are entertaining and amusing with a quick mind.  You exude energy.  You can be very laid back in nature.  You get restless at times. This may be a challenge for you, as you may shirk responsibilities and resort to your dreams and imagination.  You could lose your sense of reality.  You might burn the candle at both ends in your quest for adventure and fun.  The 23/5 is a very sensual person.  Physically, you may have large, dreamy eyes with a ruddy complexion or freckles.  You might be prone to throat or thyroid problems.  You also may have mental or emotional stress at times.  You may work as a lawyer, peacemaker, in public relations or advertising, the travel industry, writer or actor.  Socially, you excel.

Samuel Pepys, English writer and socialite, was born February 23, 1633.

24 – BALANCE, RESPONSIBILITY, and LOVE – The 24/6 is systematic and organized and very conscious and aware of time.  You may be one who is always looking at your watch, trying to make the most of time.  You are very responsible, helpful, and conscientious.  You bring a practicality and rationality to what you do.  You love music and may have a gift for it.  You are a gentile soul, often a peacemaker.  You are sympathetic, understanding, and generous towards others. You are generally a hard worker.  You are a devoted spouse and family member.  You have much interest in your home.  You both give and receive much affection.  Sometimes you may take your duties and responsibilities too seriously.  Another challenge is sometimes being too emotional and needy.  You may also be moody at times.  You like harmony and rhythm in your life.   Yoga, walking, cycling, or going to the gym may be among your activities.  You like a long- term relationship with security.  You are artistic and creative.  Physically you may have a heart shaped face with large watery eyes and large chest.  You might be prone to hormonal imbalances or bronchitis.  You may also have problems with your legs and feet.  You are good at solving conflict.  For this reason you may have a career as a diplomat, lawyer, therapist, or marriage counselor.  You may also choose a career in the arts, such as a painter, musician or writer.   You like discipline and structure to your work environment.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was born November 24, 1864.

25 – ANALYSIS, UNDERSTANDING – The 25/7 has a practical, rational, cautious mind which is guided by a deep sensitivity and strong intuition.  You are patient.  You like to communicate, expressing yourself either through speech or writing.  You need quiet time for reflection, introspection, and meditation.  You are likely to explore spirituality, science, things of a technical nature, or the deeper meaning of life. You can sometimes be stubborn or self-centered.  You like to make the best of opportunities that come your way; but you are always cautious with regard to anything.  This includes exercise.  You would be more drawn to the gentler exercises such as yoga, swimming or skating.  You may face a challenge with relationships.  You may spend too much time in your head.  You are occasionally restless.  Giving or receiving affection may be a problem.  Although intuition and sensitivity are strengths, at times you can be over sensitive and a bit touchy.  A long straight nose and clear skin are often physical features.  Health wise you might be subject to panic attacks or thyroid imbalances.  Travel may be in your career options, as well as public relations or marketing, journalism, researching, teaching, or some work relating to psychic abilities.

Gugliemo Marconi was born April 25, 1874.

26 – MATERIAL SATISFACTION – You have much compassion and the need to feel secure, both emotionally and materialistically. You are very approachable and work well with others showing much diplomacy.  This comes as an advantage to you in the business world.  You have organizational, administrative and managerial skills and capabilities.  You are self-confident and dependable.  You are good with money, and better at the broad strokes than details.  You express gentleness and have a special bond with children. You are spiritual.  You enjoy gentile sports such as yoga or walking.  The 26/8 may also be driven by competitive sports.  You might need constant approval or feedback from people.  You face a challenge of not becoming too demanding or aggressive.  Personal responsibility is important to you, and you might seek the same characteristics in a partner, perhaps one who has their own career.  You have an authoritative look.  You have rounded features and your eyebrows might meet.  You are prone to spinal or knee problems.  The 26/8 might be prone to the rare or unusual disease.  Career wise you might be a diplomat, negotiator, therapist, a social worker or some type of humanitarian leader.  You may work with children.

Mother Teresa was born August 26, 1910.
Hillary Rodham Clinton was born October 26, 1947.

27 – SELFLESSNESS HUMANITARIANISM – You have a deep yearning for knowledge.  You use your logical mind and strong intuition to guide you.  You get psychic haunches and dreams.  Your emotional side; however, is not that predictable.  You are rooted in your spirituality and may love nature, yoga, meditation, or living in the country.  You are well mannered, the perfect guest or perfect host.  You have a loving, generous, sensitive nature and work well with others.  You are broad-minded and tolerant showing much sympathy and compassion.  Your sensitivity could cause some mood swings.  Your empathic nature may lead you into sympathy pains.  For this reason you may want to withdraw because you feel so vulnerable.  Perfectionism may cause you to be hard on yourself.  The sense of perfection may also lead you to not feeling good enough.  In relationships you are affectionate and seek a partner to nurture.  You have the ability to make your partner feel special.  The physical influence of a 27/9 may be red hair and freckles, high cheekbones and a high voice.  You often have long legs.  You might be prone to skin allergies or headaches or blood sugar imbalances.  You may work as a diplomat, peacemaker, humanitarian or leader in any field.  Other careers may be in philosophy, psychology, spirituality, history, therapy, medicine, or art.

Samuel Morse was born on April 27, 1791.

28- INDIVIDUATION, INDEPENDENCE, ATTAINMENT – Whenever I see a 1 I think independence.  In spite of the independence you work well with others.  You want to succeed in life, whatever your goal may be, whether it be writing a novel or raising a family.  You are very direct in your communications. You have original ideas and make a good leader or manager.  You are both good at starting and continuing.  You see both the big picture and can also handle the details.  You have a caring, warm, nurturing aspect as well.  Sometimes you may be challenged by the fear of failure.  You might be too aggressive in reaching your goals.  Alternately, you may feel so overwhelmed that you become lazy and lose all energy and drive.  You also might have a temper.  Over all you are sensitive, imaginative, and creative with a good, rational and practical mind with potential for much achievement.  In relationships you are dynamic and strong and seek out the same in a partner.  Sometimes, though you may keep people at a distance.  Physically, you may have strong muscular shoulders, sturdy hips and arms.  You usually look muscular and toned.  You might be prone to kidney or urinary infections or suffer from headaches.  Business or career wise you can be successful at almost anything.  You excel in public relations or marketing.  You might be a journalist or novelist.

King Henry VIII was born June 28, 1491.

29 – ILLUMINATION –You have a dynamic passion about your goals and work with a focus to achieve them.  Second best is not good enough.  You have strong intuition intermingled with a clarity and logic.  You are able to materialize your reality, often achieving great success and recognition.  You are an attractive, energetic, and charismatic person.  You are a powerful person, often an inspiration to others. You are bright, witty and a good conversationalist.  You have much creativity and imagination.  You always buy the best you can afford, usually meticulous in appearance.  You often have high expectations for yourself and others and suffer when these expectations fall through.  29/2 is a spiritual number.  You may study philosophy or religion.  You can be argumentative at times given to dramatic situations.  Security is a must for you.  Sometimes you are fearful of life.  Not facing these fears can create real problems.  Soft, watery eyes are a strong feature with the 29/2.  You love water.    This number can be subject to nervousness, tension headaches or hormonal imbalances.  You may suffer at times from emotional and mental stress.  Careers for you might be that of an actor, artist, diplomat, humanitarian, counselor, entrepreneur, musician or writer.

John F. Kennedy was born May 29, 1917.
Oprah Winfrey was born January 29, 1954.

30 – EXPRESSION, JOY OF LIVING – The very nature of the 30/3 is fun.  You will try to make everything you do fun, even mundane household chores.  You may go around with your iPod while doing your chores.  You are naturally an extrovert.  Meeting new people stimulates you.  You throw yourself into life.  You are a doer.  You have an abundance of joy, and can be highly uplifting to others.  You like sunshine and nature.  You get a lot accomplished.  Because you like being around people, excessive chatting or even gossip may be a challenge.  Getting lost in your many activities and demands may also be a problem.  Sometimes you may want to withdrawal from it all and just become lazy.  You love travel and can get bored easily.  Your most outstanding feature is a muscular, toned body.    You may be prone to muscular aches and pains or blood pressure imbalances.    You also might be accident-prone.  Your talent with words may lead you into writing, speaking or singing.  You are also highly artistic and can enjoy a career in the arts.  Your cheerful, friendly personality might lead you into professional party organizing or wedding planning or into the travel industry.  Being around people is key.

Christopher Columbus was born October 30, 1451.

31 – LIMITATION, ORDER, and SERVICE – You are down to earth and practical.  People see you as courageous.  You focus intently on your goals.  You are a good organizer and manager.  Your hard, energetic work can be seen in your surroundings.  For example if you are an artist your home overflows with pieces of art and vibrant colors.  If you are a cook your kitchen is a warm, inviting place.  You attain material dreams by systematic work towards your goals.  You have a strong mind and are very practical and rational.  You would do well in the business world.  Your approach; however, can be original.  You are good with details and insist on accuracy.  You are generally busy doing lots of different things.  One challenge you may face is boredom if this is not so.  Sometimes you take on too much.  You are a hard worker and expect others to match your pace.  At other times you lack confidence.  You often repress your feelings.  Your most outstanding feature is usually your hands.  Physically you may become exhausted from your tendency to overdo things.  You might be prone to headaches or circulation problems.  You would make a good farmer; massage therapist, cook, gardener, artist or writer.  You could also be an herbalist, healer, or midwife or in the medical field.  You might also be successful in sports or as an entertainer of some sort.

Dr. Maria Montessori was born on August 31, 1870.

On some days time slips away from me.  I haven’t posted, but want to keep up the postaday2011 promise.  I’m thankful, I have previous things I’ve written to choose from.


6 thoughts on “Your Birthdate – What Does It Mean?

  1. I am super- flattered.. I am a Leo, born on 11th of the eighth month!
    You should look at my huge grin on my face right now..

    Actually, you should have posted one date at a time to keep the readers hooked on for the whole month- this is so nice of you to do it.. Every once in a while a little pampering does its trick- this was a very big one.. Thanks you for posting this..

    Sending you loads of Love xx

  2. Tuesday’s child is full of grace – well, I’m a Tuesday child and my mother despaired of me ever being graceful!!! I’m a 10, no matter how I figure it – thanks for all the good info!

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