Happy Year of the Rabbit

Tired of the snow, tired of the cold.  Snow is certainly beautiful, and I could certainly tolerate it if it wasn’t for the cold that went along with it.  January 1st is celebrated as the New Year.  Somehow, I just don’t feel the vibrations of a new year on January 1st.  I think I will hang my hat with the Chinese and choose February as a more likely candidate for New Year status, since it is closer to the spring warmth.

Yesterday marked the New Year, the year of the rabbit – the year of the metal rabbit to be more exact – according to the Chinese Zodiac.  Somehow, that resonates more with me, as I awoke up more refreshed and ready for new beginnings.  The sun is coming out as I write this.  It’s been so long.

According to the Chinese years take on personalities.  The personality of the rabbit is one of peace, kindness, gentleness, and merciful, loving beauty.  Rabbits are family oriented, even though they want and need personal space, a personal space that will always be beautiful and comfortable.   Rabbits are extremely sensitive, having very powerful emotions.  They are intelligent, elegant, and hospitable.  Quietly charismatic, thoughtful and calm, rabbits are admired for their tactful and considerate dealings with all who know them. As such, they are most often depended upon for their wise counsel, or as someone in which to put valued trust in a personal friendship or business dealing.

Metal gives Rabbits a more resilient demeanor than the other more quiet Rabbit. These Rabbits are very ambitious and can be quite crafty in their dealings with others. They throw themselves and their emotions into everything they do, making them intense lovers, but not outwardly affectionate lovers. Their determination can affect their work as well, whether through personal relationships with colleagues or with the work itself, a Rabbit can be known to immerse himself in his projects…business and personal.

My sister and I had pet rabbits when we were young.  My dad built a rather large duplex apartment for them, similar to adjoining hotel rooms.  It sat back from the house under a tree.  I could watch them for hours.

Rabbits, being naturally into eating, socializing, and cuddling, need to incorporate forms of exercise in their daily routines. This can both strengthen them and help them deal with stress.

Yoga emulates nature, or does nature emulate yoga?  Today is a good day to incorporate the rabbit pose into my routine.  Benefits of the rabbit pose or sasangasna are:

Maximum stretch of the spine allowing nervous system to receive proper nutrition

Maintains mobility and elasticity of spine

Nurtures the nervous system, helps with depression

Improves digestion

Helps cure sinus problems, colds and chronic tonsillitis

Strengthens and firms abdomen

Stretches back muscles

Removes tension from upper back and neck

Improves posture

Stimulates thymus gland, improving function of the immune system

Today, I’m thankful for the rabbit and what it has to teach us.




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