Today’s Finds

It was one or those days when synchronicities ruled – at least shopping wise.  I’ve been mostly staying in during these cold winter months, but had to get out today for an appointment.  I felt the need for black pants and found two pair totaling $7 in the brand and type I wanted.  They just happened to be on the clearance rack at Marshall’s.  A few weeks ago I paid significantly more for one of the same pair.

Someone recently recommended a book I should read to help me with my writing project of Sally.  I wasn’t actually looking for it today, but casually went into a local bookstore to find it 40% off.  I’ve already begun reading it, and can see why it’s a best seller.  It’s “The Help,” by Kathryn Stockett.  I’m sure it will be a great read during these cold days and Black History Month.

I’m thankful for today’s synchronistic bargains.


One thought on “Today’s Finds

  1. This summer a friend recommended “The Help” to me. I picked it up immediately, and didn’t go to sleep until it was done! (OK, I slept, but it wasn’t until 2 in the mornning, and then I was back to reading). This book is such a fabulous portrait of love.

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