Very Last Minute Meals

Tonight it was spaghetti – easy.  Last night it was much easier.  I sit a pre-packaged vegetarian sushi pack in front of my husband.  He’s very understanding, though, and just laughed and asked, “Do you want me to take a picture of this?”  I”m thankful he’s so easy going.  But here’s one of those last minute meals that I did say, take a picture first.

This was one of those times when I waited until the last minute to figure something out for dinner.  So, it had to be something quick. It’s sort of like the segment on “The Splendid Table” where you list five ingredients you have and have to come up with something. My solution to quick dinners is usually a stir fry.

Cous cous is always quick, and I had three different kinds on hand. I opted for the Lemon Spinach flavored one. I grabbed my wok and added in this order – safflower oil (about two tablespoons), chopped tempeh, soy sauce, a red bell pepper, and broccoli, cooking on medium high heat for approximately ten minutes. In a pan I cooked the cous cous according to box directions – very easy. I topped the stir fry mixture over the finished cous cous. There was no need for any additional seasonings.

The next time I think I might use beans in with these particular ingredients and add over pasta, or just the beans.  And, one day I’m going to learn to make sushi vegetarian rolls from scratch.


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