Anastasia, The Ringing Cedars Series

I first began hearing about this book through a podcast interview with Leonid Sharashkin who is the editor of the English version of the book.  You can both see and hear his interview on the Conscious Media Network:

The book was originally written in Russian by Vladimir Megre, who conveys the story of a remarkable woman, Anastasia, he met, passing along her wisdom.

The book sounded very interesting; however, thinking of the many books we already have I resisted the urge to rush out and buy it.  But as synchronicities would have it a friend who had happened upon the book through word of mouth herself highly recommended it to me.  Still, I resisted, thinking possibly I got the gist of the book from the interview.  Very good information was given about how to give information to the seeds we plant for the proper nourishment and full medicinal value to our bodies.  I had hoped and still hope to apply these principles at the spring planting.

Then while traveling we went into a bookstore, where the book was prominently displayed.  Right before seeing the book I tried out some oil on my hands from a tester.  I touched the book after that.  The smudge I left was the third sign to buy the book.  I finished the first book.  I also read the second book, “The Ringing Cedars of Russia.”

The books are written simply conveying the wisdom of the ages that somehow we lost along the way.  The book has two key ingredients – spirituality and nature.  In essence these are really one.  Although I’ve yet to hear this comparison the book greatly reminded me of the “Celestine Prophecy” series, by James Redfield.  Like those books, this introductory book is hard to put down.  There is a rich spirituality demonstrated in our relationship with nature in the book.  The key character, Anastasia, is blaming many of our woes from our disconnect from nature and gives us ways to reconnect.  Just like “Celestine Prophecy” you wonder if this really happened.

The name Anastasia in Greek means resurrection.  The root word comes from Sanskrit and means incorruptible.

In further researching Anastasia I found a remarkable movie called The Green Beautiful which can be viewed through youtube:

I am thankful to have recently received the third book in the series, “The Space of Love,” and have begun reading it.


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