Vegetarian Chili – Perfect for a Winter Lunch

It’s only January, well, near the end, but already this has been a truly long winter.  My husband couldn’t make it up our drive this morning to go to work so is spending the day at home with me.

My first thought, other than nice to have him home with me, was, “Oh, I’m going to have to come up with something for lunch.”  I always fix him something for breakfast, sometimes hot, sometimes cold, about half and half, while I, myself, drink my way through breakfast.  That is tea and juice.  And, I usually snack my way through lunch.  My husband’s internal clockwork, though, says feed me a real meal three times a day with some kind of snack at night.

So, what to fix on this cold weather day – chili – vegetarian chili.  Every time I fix chili it is different.  Most of my dishes are what I have on hand.

Here’s today’s recipe:

Chili over Brown Rice

Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Medley (Long Grain Brown Rice, Black Barley and Radish Seeds) – Cook amount you want according to package directions

(This takes approximately 45 minutes.) But whatever rice you have will do, or even pasta.

About half way into this begin preparing chili.  I used a wok, but any large pot will do.

Chili Ingredients:

1 Tbsp Sesame or Olive Oil

One Onion

Green Pepper (I only had a half of one)

1 Tbsp of Cumin

1 Tbsp of chili powder

Large Can of Fire Roasted Crushed Tomatoes

Can of Red Kidney Beans

Garnish:  Sour Cream and Fresh Cilantro

Sauté’ the first four ingredients in a small amount of oil in wok.  Add the crushed tomatoes and kidney beans.  Heat through.  Garnish with sour cream and fresh cilantro. *  Either eliminate sour cream or use vegan version to make this meal vegan.

*I’ve learned by an expert in ayurveda that it is better health wise to use some fresh herbs for garnish rather than cooking them all in the meal.

I’m thankful he’s spending the day with me.

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