Practicing Non-Religion


If God is love in all religions, then isn’t what really matters love?  Love connects us.  Religion when not practiced with love divides and conquers us. Why do we look for differences instead of similarities?  Why does it matter if someone is black or white, American or Indian, rich or poor, Catholic or Muslim?  If one is a Christian, what does it matter if someone is Baptist or Methodist?  Why do we continually practice division instead of love?

It is my belief that all the plans of division we devise separate us from God.  Love connects us to each other and to God.  When we see someone practicing devotion, the path of love, such as Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Rumi, do we see their religion, or do we see the path they have taken – the path of love?

Love is actually the easiest path in my opinion.  It requires no great intellect or wisdom, no resistance or strain, no analyzing or judging.  It firmly places us in the now as opposed to the past or future.   At the same time it provides the greatest benefit to our whole being – soul, body, and mind.

Sometimes I think God just dropped, we the children off, on this playground called Earth, and said play your little games but be good to each other and above all love each other.

I still see a lot of violence in both thought and deed in the world.  I also see a lot of humans coming to together showing compassion towards each other while celebrating both individuality and sameness and am thankful for that.


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