Confessions of a Book-a-Holic That Doesn’t Always Read

My Husband Reading

I don’t necessarily read them.  I just collect them.  I do have certain books I read everyday, usually on some esoteric subject, or some type of self-help book.  I’m the queen of self-help books.  I’m usually reading Yogananda.

Books grace most every room in our house.  We even have a small built-in bookshelf in one bathroom.

My husband has the same habit.  Most of the time we like the same books, and we take turns reading them.  If a book has been made into a movie, we usually always try to read the book first.  We are succors when it comes to entering a bookstore.  Several weeks ago the cashier told us that we had been her best customers of the day.  We had only intended on browsing.  I didn’t really think it was such a huge purchase.  I always joke with my husband that he is so lucky.  I’m really not into jewelry at all, or shoes for that matter.

As stated before, I’m a bigger collector than reader.  Sometimes I won’t start reading a book only because I know that if I start to get into it, I won’t put it down, and will neglect all other duties until I get it finished.  Also, I have this thought in my mind, that the reason for this collection is to be well prepared in time of disaster.  If it comes to a point that we lose all technology I will have actual books on hand.  I am probably fooling myself on that one.  If we lost all technology I wouldn’t have time to read.  I would be out in the garden hoeing, standing over a fire canning, and out in the woods collecting firewood.  And obviously I would have to learn to make candles if I wanted to read.  After all this, I’m not sure if there would be time left for reading.

I’m thankful we have some Foxfire books in our collection.


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Book-a-Holic That Doesn’t Always Read

  1. lol…one day technology will disappear 🙂
    nice one am a bookaholic too have two books waiting to be read… andyes i will get round to doing it…. just not yet 🙂

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