Taking My Blog to the Beach Today

Venice Beach

On this cold winter day, I’m thinking of the ocean and an upcoming trip.

The seductiveness of the beach is no secret.  Humans have been flocking to where water meets land since ancient times.  After all what made hundreds of thousands trek across wilderness and treacherous mountains for the ocean blue, well besides gold, that is?  I would have to say it was to experience the serenity of aqua waiting on the other side.  The ocean teeming in paradoxes, one of the last frontiers for discovery is a small piece of nirvana to which most of us are drawn at some time in our life.

I can remember my first time.  Who doesn’t’ remember their first time seeing the ocean, especially if you waited a good part of your life to do so.  My first time was in college.  You know you are closer when the trees in the horizon start to disappear.  Then comes that smell.  It’s so different.  A salty freshness permeates the air. My first ocean visit was to Daytona Beach, in Florida.  Did I mention there was also romance in the air?  Well, that goes along with both the ocean and college doesn’t it?  It wasn’t “From Here to Eternity,” with Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr.  It was just myself walking with a boy along the beach.  I can’t even remember the boy’s name.  The romance came and went as swiftly as the tide.  It was just one of those pristine, innocent ocean moments to savor.

There is definitely something magical about the beach.  What is this allure of the ocean that causes half of the world’s

Hendry's Beach, Santa Barbara, California

population to live within fifty miles of its shores while inviting the other fifty per cent to vacation there?  For many others and myself the spray of the ocean waves offers a renewal of life.  The stresses of the world begin to fade away.  Being near the ocean can change one’s “to do” list drastically.  On the top of my to do list is to watch the sunset and squish my toes in the sand.  Then there is to recreate the ocean/kiss scene in “From Here to Eternity,” with my husband.  I know that will come.  There is also to just let go and relax and let the ocean waves lull me into a deep meditative state.  This was our objective with our latest ocean visit.  This idea I found was hardly novel, as my husband and I, sat cross-legged on the beach, fingers in mudra position, less than a year ago, our last morning there.  As I looked out there was quite a string of people doing likewise.

Ever since that first time of experiencing the ocean I’ve needed a “fix” so to speak as often as possible.  I’ve experienced different beaches at different times in my life now, from different areas along the Pacific, the Gulf Shores, the Atlantic and even The Netherlands.  While each individual beach offers a different flavor like ice cream they all still provide me with that Zen essence of ice cream.  The water rolls up on shore for a brief moment of time and recedes back into the oneness representing the fluidity of life.

Whatever beach you choose prepare to lose your stress, let your children play in the sand, and let your own inner child come out.  Before you go, rent “From Here to Eternity,” to watch with your significant other.  This is a note to myself.

I’m thankful for all my beach experiences.


3 thoughts on “Taking My Blog to the Beach Today

  1. I think the magic has to do with the water meeting the sky meeting the earth. It is most powerful at the ocean, but I’ve found it at lakes and by rivers as well. I hope you get your next beach fix soon. I need one too. I’m definitely not used to living in the MidWest.

  2. The beach is such a source of inspiration. Before moving to Reno we lived in Half Moon Bay, a half mile from the ocean. Have to confess I miss being able to walk down and unwind after a long day at work. Nice post.

  3. my first time too was in college,and with a boy whose name i remember but he don’t really count anymore…

    The beach is union of three earth elements earth water air maybe that’s why the divinity of it.

    soon as i can afford i will take me out there again!

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