What’s For Dinner

On some days I’m just thankful I can get by without really cooking anything for dinner.  Last night was one of those nights.  I just made a sort of party platter for the both of us…..Seeded crackers with cream cheese, strawberries with powdered sugar, and General Tso’s Vegan Chicken, and oolong hot tea.

We ate while watching the movie, “Man on Wire.”

3 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner

  1. Ooh, this looks delicious! Are you vegetarian? I’ve been vegetarian since 2004. It’s not a hard diet to maintain, especially since I’ve never really been fond of meat, but I know it would be so much easier for me if I knew how to cook. All I do is buy vegan meat and microwave it. But something like this, if all I have to do is fry the vegan chicken, I can probably manage to prepare.

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