The Spiritual Journey of a Child

The view from our front porch

That would have to be in the beginning.  No, correction, if we are all a part of God, and God has no beginning or no end, then in the beginning couldn’t really be accurate.  I really can’t imagine no beginning or no end, but God is far beyond my imagination.

If the spiritual journey comes down to lifetimes then I really can’t say, as any remembrance of lifetimes is scanty to say the least. In this lifetime my first recollected God connection moment was when I was around eight.  I was in the wooded area near our house, lying in warm overgrown grass looking up at the clouds, thinking God was in those clouds.  All my senses were alive.  I felt the soft crunch of the grass, the warm ground, and the kind breeze and was in awe of all life around me – the bees, the worms, and the insects.  There was nowhere God was not.  God was the entire life and beauty of the moment.

It’s strange what we remember when we were young.  This, however, is one of my strongest memories.  I’m thankful to carry this memory of seeing through the eyes of a child.


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