My Fascination with Rocks

Part of Our Rock Garden

I remember as a babe on the porch swing my grandmother used to sing “Rock of Ages” cleft for me, let me hide myself in thee

Later, in my youth I crept into the woods where I sat solidly on a rock cliff nestled in its indentation

Strengthened by its enduring cushion

Granny who sang "Rock of Ages" on the porch swing

I grew to adulthood and left its shelter for awhile

Only to teeter on a shaky foundation

But eventually returned to merge into its strength and wisdom.

The light fell just right as I sat upon the heart shaped meditation rock.

(Rocks are so much a part of my life.  There is a rock on our trail we call our meditation rock, although there are many fantastic rock formations along the trail.  We had visitors one day from Germany, England, Denmark and Sweden.  We all sat on it at once to meditate. It looks like a heart.  Rocks are of such importance to me.  One of our big past times is to go out into the woods and collect rocks for our projects.  This past summer we worked on rocking

My husband, Chris, finishing up the one side of the house.


one side of the house. We’ve really gone rock crazy, rock ponds, gardens, sidewalks, porches, fireplaces and even a rock floor in a section of the barn.  My uncle commented one day after seeing the rock floor in the barn, “Are there any rocks left on Trough Creek?” (Trough Creek – where we live))

I’m so thankful that we are surrounded by nature and plentiful rocks.

6 thoughts on “My Fascination with Rocks

  1. Ah, I love it! Followed you over here from my site and just as I suspected, this place just feels good! What a great, positive blog you have here!

    I had a rock behind my last house we called Castle Rock, a boulder about the size of a toolshed. I liked to camp at the base of it so the campfire lit it up all orange and primal. I sure do miss that big chunk of rock!

  2. rocks are cool,
    Thanks for sharing your passion with us…

    Happy Tuesday…

    visit a dozen poets near your own entry and enjoy the friendship and fun!

    love your supportive manner.


  3. i adore this! reminds me of my grandma, she raised me from a baby and i can still hear her singing old gospel songs as she cooks in the kitchen. i thank you for the memories and the beautiful story you tell here. so very happy i read!!! happy potluck!
    Kellie Elmore

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