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Life Can Be Lemonade

It was the end of 2005, after Christmas and before the New Year that we were invited to come spend overnight with some friends and attend a channeling session.  I had never been to a channeling and had no idea what to expect; but I had heard other people talk about this person who channeled and was intrigued.  My intrigue was still interlaced with skepticism.

It had just been yesterday that people had been confined indoors due to the ice and snow.  Large mounds of dirty snow formed street hills.  Still, we arrived to find vehicles, parked in odd fashion from this one house, packed tightly close to the dirty piles of snow in this well-kept modest neighborhood.  This was obviously the place.

People entered being greeted warmly with hugs.  The living room seemed small.  This could be due to the sheer size of the revolving Christmas tree, second to none in it’s magnificent light and decorations layout.  The couch and chairs all faced one pivotal point in the room.  Behind this were a couple of rows of fold up chairs, wedged tightly together.  A walkway separated another row of chairs against the wall and next to the Christmas tree.  This narrow path led into a dining room with a table hosting a luscious display of baked and colorful goodies amid the adornment of holiday parapanelia.  Southern Living would have been impressed.  People were making their way from there into the kitchen helping their selves to glassware and cups from the cabinets for holiday drinks of a non-alcoholic nature and coffee and tea.  I helped myself to some tea.

We carried our drinks and goodies back into the living room where we became seated.  My eyes darted around observing the “woo woo” crowd which seemed quite mainstream.  After all, I was one of them.  The channeler, himself took on the alias of a pharmacist during day light hours.  That seemed perfectly normal to me.

Everyone was now seated and all social intermingling had ceased.  Lights were dimmed.  Candles were lit.  Although no one was holding hands with probably the exception of Chris and I, my mind darted back to Dark Shadow episodes.  I will refer to the channeller as J.  J began to speak.  He was quite a good speaker.  I had no idea if the channeling had started or whether he was just talking.  In my nervousness waiting for a gust of wind to blow the candles out I began to wonder what the proper etiquette might be concerning our dirty dishes. The total Southern Living layout kindled these thoughts within me.  Should I leave my cup here or take it back to the kitchen? Should I wash my own cup or perhaps offer to wash everyone’s cups?  J’s voice faded back in.  He was talking about stressing and said his way of distressing was washing dishes – how he just loved to wash dishes.  I’m thinking wow; he knows what I’m thinking.  Or someone does.

Then he said, “Now we’ll begin.”  His assistant sitting in a stuffed chair to his side clicked on the tape recorder.  Lights were dimmed even more.  There was that period of anticipating silence, and then J spoke with changed voice,   “Melchizedek is here and wants to speak.”  I actually can’t remember what was said well enough to relate it here.  There was a lot of talk about light workers as I recall and possible earth disturbances, rather vague I thought. Then the slightly different voice coming out of J said that questions would be entertained.  Years back I had had this deeply life changing experience very akin to what people term as near death experiences.  My main concern was what did it mean and why did I have it.  I certainly wasn’t near death at the time.  Being new there I was afraid to speak.  Also, my skepticism returned.  I thought if this is really on the level and this is a spirit talking through him, then I don’t have to verbally ask a question.  The spirit should just know what’s on my mind.  I was basically challenging the spirit and the whole process that was taking place in the room.

Questions were being asked.  Then one man voiced some personal concerns to the spirit, nothing even similar to my own.  Suddenly, a new voice emerged from J.  A new spirit, Michael interrupted and said he needed to address the question.  I froze, as did Chris as well at this point.  Both of our hands gripped each other’s more tightly.  I had had many dreams over the course of several years where someone named Michael would come to me.  Michael didn’t have wings, but was clean-shaven, with every strand of black hair in place, and was always dressed in suits, which must have come from the heavenly outlet of Brooks Brothers.  He was always immaculate sporting the perfect tie and handkerchief, the whole attire often changing colors in the dream – always well coordinated.  His presence in a dream always unfolded into some event that would eventually take place in my waking life.  The question was answered in such a technical fashion about in order for “z” to take place, there had to be a perfect layout of “x” and “y.”  I vaguely understood the meaning.  Michael was finished and one last spirit entity, Merlin made his way through, as a different version of J’s voice was heard.  The channeling was now over except for a meditative period.

The assistant slipped into the machine, a CD of calming music with all the little water trickles and chirping birds.  J’s voice returned to normal; although, it was a softer version, as he began guiding everyone into a meditation.  We were instructed in some deep breathing and told to close our eyes and completely relax.  In this meditation he asked that we request to speak to someone who had died.  I immediately thought my mother, but then in an instant, I thought, no I feel my mother’s presence quite often as it is.  I want to talk to Jesus.  I thought, might as well go for the gusto.

Suddenly, everything changed.  I was walking along a cliff overlooking the ocean.  The weather was perfect, just the right breeze.  Colors were much more vibrant than in real life.  I would liken it to the brilliant hues we find in 3-D animation.  In walking along the cliff, I came up to a beautiful man sitting on a hammock.  He continuously smiled donning stunning white teeth.  Sometimes he would break into laughter.  I saw every fiber of the twill cotton garment he was wearing – nothing ostentatious at all.  His physical nature was as perfect as the lightness of being he radiated.  He extended his hand, which was holding a glass of lemonade, offering it to me.  With the utmost compassion and understanding he said my name and told me to be lighter, to quit analyzing every situation, to start enjoying life and to take it as it comes, enjoying every moment.  I just stood there in awe.  Suddenly I had the presence of mind to ask a question.  I said, “Would you put your hand on my heart? “  He reached out his hand placing it over my heart.  His hand and arm turned into pure golden white energy as it proceeded within my chest and held my heart.   I didn’t want this moment to ever end but I knew it was about to as he began to withdraw his hand.  J’s voice faded back in.  He said, “Now I want you to ask the spirit you are talking to for a gift.”  As this magnificent image I had was beginning to go into retreat, I called out, you are supposed to give me a gift.  He laughed, and said, “I’ve already given you a gift.  I gave you Chris.”

I began the New Year with such lightness.

I’m thankful for the lemonade that life sometimes gives you.  I’m hopeful to live fully in the moment beginning this new year with lightness.


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