Has Santa Lost His Jingle?

Hand-carved Santa by Joe Offerman

I remember one of my first Christmases.  My parents were visiting someone on Christmas Eve.  It was getting late.  I was so afraid that if I didn’t get home and in bed that Santa would pass us by.  It’s weird the memories of childhood you retain as an adult.

Years past.  I had my own child.  Christmas became larger than life.  There were too many presents, all color coordinated.  I’m not sure when she stopped believing in Santa.  I don’t remember when I stopped.  Maybe when she stopped.  Even when you stop believing yourself as a child, there is always a renewal of belief when you begin seeing Santa again through your child’s eyes.  The magic of anything is always about seeing through the innocence of a child’s imagination.

My husband and I were at the mall last night – not shopping.  Several years ago, we made a vowel to each other to stop getting gifts for each other and not to go overboard on anyone else.  We were tired of the commercialism and the gift expectation of this holiday.  We felt that gifts were better if not expected.  Having each other is the best gift, and we didn’t feel we could do any better than that.

Also, all the commercialism got in the way of “Christ” in Christmas for me.  Last February we visited our teacher, a Himalayan monk.  I wanted to know about Jesus but was too shy to ask.  However, he read my mind or felt my questions in the ether.  He began speaking on Jesus and told us his actual birth date.  He gave us a birth date of March 1, 7 BC.  When returning home I looked on the web to see if anyone else said this as well.


I am copying the following in its entirety.  I haven’t actually researched the website myself and know very little about astrology.

When Was Jesus Born?

by Hannibal Giudice (Published October 1996)

Was Jesus really born on December 25th? If he were a Capricorn, wouldn’t he have become a philanthropist or run for public office instead of sacrificing his life? Today most astrologers and historians agree that Jesus was probably not born in December, and he also was not born in 1 AD. Until now, exactly when he was born has been a mystery and the subject of much debate. It wasn’t until the advent of main frame computers that an outstanding biblical scholar/ minister/astrologer, Rev. Don Jacobs, was able to accurately replicate the same celestial dyna- mics observed by the ancient Magi that Matthew glorified “center stage” in his gospel account of the nativity. Jacobs describes his research and the date he chose in his book, Astrology’s Pew in Church.

According to Jacobs, Jesus was born March 1st in the year 7 BC, at 1:21 a.m. in Bethlehem. The birth chart for this moment in time contains a cluster of six planets in Pisces: the Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. (No wonder the fish was used as a symbol for Jesus.) With all this Pisces energy, Jesus was highly spiritual, compassionate, and willing to sacrifice himself for others. A Mercury in Aquarius reveals a revolutionary mind, and Mars in Virgo indicates a tireless worker. Sagittarius rising adds the perfect personality for spreading the truth and for bringing the search for truth and meaning to others. Jacobs used this chart to follow the events which occurred in Jesus’ life, and showed what astrological transits he was experiencing each time. But is this really the birth chart of Jesus?

Finally, one of the most compelling mysteries of the past two millennia has been solved. Cuneiform tablets discovered during this century in the ancient astrology school in Sippar (Babylon) reveal that the astrologers were nearly obsessed with noting and tracking movements of an extremely rare heavenly occurrence in the year 7 BC. It was a “once in 25,000 years” celestial event when the two zodiacs (sidereal and tropical) met. It was considered the promise of the birth of an avatar of all avatars. Is this why the Magi journeyed so far to meet the infant Jesus and instruct his parents as to their son’s important mission, as well as to warn them of impending danger?

Exhaustive research on this rediscovered birth chart, combined with the latest historical evidence of that period, validate beyond any reasonable doubt that it is indeed the moment of incarnation of the man we have come to know as Jesus, The Christ. The implication of this recent find, once fully realized, will be nearly incalculable. The wealth of information already gleaned would fill volumes. One significant fall-out of this unique revelation will be the emergence and elevation of the use of astrology in the near future to a level unknown since the time of Jesus.

The most significant outcome of this astrological renaissance, however, will be the ability for us to now see the real Jesus illuminated in the light of astrology, the original science of the human experience. We now know what those wise Magi told the parents of Jesus concerning his life’s destiny. We also know that he fulfilled his mission in absolute perfection.

Hannibal Giudice (born January 14, 1939) is a professional astrologer and futurist who has maintained a full-time practice in Marin County, California, since 1978. He has been a student of history and theology for his entire adult life. Hannibal has researched the Message of the Magi since 1978. He can be reached at (415) 898-6333. Or visist his website:  http://www.astrologics.info/index.html

I’m thankful that the only gifts my husband and I need are each other, and I’m thankful to know possibly the more accurate birth of Jesus.  I like that it is nearer to Spring when there is such a fresh renewal of everything.

As far as Santa losing his jingle, perhaps when grandchildren arrive I will hear sleigh bells once again.


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