Inspired by Nature

I wrote this earlier, but we are once again at this point in Mother Nature’s cycle.  Even though summer is my favorite season I’m thankful for all the seasons, as a different beauty unfolds in all of them.

“When I discovered a new plant I sat down beside it for a minute or a day to make its acquaintance and hear what it had to tell.”  John Muir   He was truly a yogi, a Rumi of nature.

I had been thinking about John Muir on Friday, and later turned on PBS to find the Ken Burns series on National Parks showing.

Last night, or rather early this morning at 1:15 AM we observed the full moon but only mistily and briefly, as it was cloudy.  We were fortunate to observe it at its peak.  I was told it was good start new things after a full moon meditation, particularly this full moon.

I haven’t been out in nature like I used to, mostly finding excuses such as it’s too wet or too cold.  I decided today was the day to re-start hiking.  My husband and I went out today.  Even though the temperature was in the teens I was surprised at how quickly I warmed up.  I was layered to the max.

We are most fortunate that we have the wonder of nature in our own back yard.  If ever there was a spirituality it is in nature.



5 thoughts on “Inspired by Nature

  1. wow!!

    another nature lover.. 😀

    im so jealous of you 😦

    in chennai we never have all the four seasons … but still the nature here has it’s own beauty 😀

    great post! 😀

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