A Moment in Time

I’ve always been fascinated with anything relating to time travel, and I’m a hopeless romantic.  Therefore, it is only natural that my favorite movie is “Somewhere in Time.”  One of the pivotal moments in the movie is when the picture of Elise is taken.  It was the essence of being in love captured on film.

I always longed for that moment myself – that perfect picture.  There is a picture I use as my signature picture (the one I use as my image on the right hand side of this blog) which was taken two years ago by my husband, my Christopher Reeve, my Superman.  A new friend commented on the picture, and because of that it dawned on me that this was my “moment in time” picture – my Elise picture.

I was 55 at the time the picture was taken.  Being in love is timeless, and I’m thankful for that.

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