Supporting My Habit

My husband supports my habit, and I’m thankful for that.  On Friday I went into the hobby store for yarn, just one skein, for just one knitting project.  However, the on sale bin was newly loaded with discontinued yarn, which I couldn’t resist.

My thought process was all the knitting that would take place on those cold winter days.  I didn’t have to wait long, as the snow and freezing temperatures began on Sunday night.

I didn’t wait until I got home.  I spent a good portion of the morning at Starbucks working on those handmade Christmas presents.

I’m learning cable and completed the green scarf for my son-in-law.  I also bought some bamboo knitting needles, which I discovered I love.  Although my knitting career has spanned forty-seven years, I’m still just a beginner.  I think it was fate that I was given a whole set of knitting needles complete with case when I was ten.  An experienced knitter in our town died, and for some reason I was given her tapestry case of needles.  I always was attracted to yarn, and the year before my aunt had tried to teach me to crochet.  I both knitted and crocheted simple projects throughout the years, making hats for everyone while in college.  I eventually turned to weaving which became a business.  Now, I’m back to knitting, but as a hobby.

One thought on “Supporting My Habit

  1. When you craft as a business it takes the fun out of it. I love your work! You are a fantastic knitter. I wouldn’t even SHOW something that I knitted because aside from Earls tooth marks (who needs moths when you have Earl! 😉 ) and my obvious problems with tension, I would twitch up a storm at having to figure out how to cable! Wonderful work and gorgeousness indeed as well as kudos on the barbain bin…I might have to head in to Spotlight myself this weekend when I am in with the girls and raid their bargain bin for my own winter happiness. No starbucks here but plenty of happiness knitting next to Brunhilda (and a sulky dog because he can’t stretch out on his sofa because I am taking up half of it 😉 )

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