The Skinny on Knitting

I’m hoping skinny is a side effect of this past couple of weeks of marathon knitting.  On Friday I sent a cabled red scarf to my daughter for her to wear during the Christmas season. Shortly thereafter, I began a green one for her husband.

I’ve also recently been counting calories using an Iphone application called losit.  You certainly can’t snack very well, or at least I can’t and still keep track of what I’m doing, while knitting.  That helped cut down on calories consumed.  Also, I thought there is some movement involved.  Out of curiosity I looked up the average number of calories burned while knitting.  A web source said 102 per hour.  Hmmm, four hours of knitting equaled almost one hour on the elliptical machine.  I did take a break from knitting today to burn more calories on the elliptical.

Hopefully I will get this new scarf sent off before the week is over.  I hope to post a picture of the finished result along with the pattern (altered somewhat from the first).  And, today I’m thankful I’m getting the hang of the cable stitch.  Perhaps next year, we’ll be talking socks?

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