Knitting a Cable Scarf

For the last three days I’ve been consumed with knitting.  It’s going to be a homemade Christmas for the most part.  I’m really on a beginner level in knitting but have wanted to do cable.  I found an easy pattern –  I’m thankful for that.  I at first tried a more complicated one but was in trouble after the first two rows.

This is for my daughter, and I’m shipping it off tomorrow so she can wear it during the holiday season.  Then I will attempt one, possibly green, for my son-in-law.  I’ll be looking for yarn tomorrow.

They were here for Thanksgiving and for some reason started talking about knitting.  He mentioned hand knitted socks.  Maybe with practice next year.  For now it needs to be straight flat pieces.

While making it I watched back-to-back episodes of the remake of Dark Shadows.  I was particularly paying attention to the sweaters the cast was wearing.  The tastes of the wardrobe person were like my own.  Perhaps one day I might advance to sweaters.

At any rate I’m happy with how this one turned out and thankful I got it completed in a timely manner.

3 thoughts on “Knitting a Cable Scarf

  1. Great scarf! Not many knitters can tackle cables as well as you have. Just looking at the scarf, I wouldn’t consider it the work of a beginner. I think you may have a natural gift that you should nurture. Please, continue on your knitting journey.

  2. Beautiful scarf! From experience, I can tell you that your cables are great, and thaat socks, although small and cute, are much more difficult than sweaters (and take twice as long). Good luck on your future knitting – I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

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